Sunday, October 06, 2019

Sunday Catch Up

It's important to Michael and me to keep this journal current....but it's been an entire week since I updated.  Obviously, I need to figure out how to add time to blog into our new normal.

Added to our schedule by Dad moving in....a daily "Dad" to do list. This is sure to lighten up as we get "everything set up." This week it meant visiting a couple of medical practices, the DMV, many phone calls, calling a couple of creditors, writing a couple of notes and sending a couple of checks Dad wanted sent, preparing a couple of legal documents, laundry.... Also added to the schedule are leisurely visits, coffee making (I'm getting good - or at least Dad drinks all I make now LOL), one or two coffee dates with Dad and whoever else wants to join us, lots of family games at night, and a family read aloud time on our "at home" nights.  We continue to count ourselves blessed for the richness having Dad in our home brings.

Added to the schedule because it's fall - SCHOOL and ministry start ups.  Our typical week will look like this:

Sunday  - church, company and family
Monday - School
Tuesday - School, Benny, Women's Bible Study (p.m.)
Wednesday - School, Youth (p.m.)
Thursday - School, Brave (with Stacia), Piano lessons, Japanese lessons, Life Group (p.m.)
Friday - School
Saturday - House, yard, family projects, relax... Men's breakfast once a month

We've done it for two weeks now and it is manageable. I cut out a second Bible study - and I can tell it was a good thing for our sanity.

Maintaining a focus on moving naturally will be more of a challenge as the weather gets cold and icy. This fall it comes in the form of  walks, animal care, bit of gardening and yard, outside projects, and wood splitting and hauling. The kids and I add a workout of some sort to the day. I believe they aim for 3 - 4 times a week. I aim for 6.

I've said for decades, "I am not a natural caregiver." God, however, has chosen this role to mature my faith and deepen my dependence on Him. I had thought  the role would go away after the kids left home.  Maybe not so much.... Since this is not a "natural" for me, I am heeding the advice of many not to neglect self-care. I continue to contemplate what self-care will look like in this season.  This week it was reading when possible, grabbing an episode of Heartland with Stacia, working out, catching up with my 4 girl childs, and sitting in my car for 3 hours of glorious silence and solitude after dropping kids at church. I am thinking a quarterly or maybe semi-annual get away to a cabin in the woods may be self-care. LOL

What does self care look like for you?

I've caught a bug of some sort and am home from church. I'm not sitting for long periods and am going back to bed now....but I'll do more daily back posts in the "near" future.  It's been a great week.

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