Sunday, November 17, 2019

First Snow 2019

We got snow on Michael's birthday, Nov 17th. That is much later than the past two years....but we made the most of it.

We had 6 inches overnight and another 2 inches before the day was over. 

Certainly enough snow to play in!  

Dash wasn't totally thrilled to play in the snow. 

Stacia and Benny made me an Olaf.

Tried some maple candy....

Gideon is bundled up for the weather....
Photo from BreAnne
 Bella's sporting a Happy Hat...
Photo from BreAnne
These two were whipping up added sugars....really good....though sort of an odd thing to make on our first snow day. LOL

Since this is a post looking back (it's Dec 2nd now) I can share the snow MELTED within a day and we had green grass, warm temps and no snow through Thanksgiving. Green grass for Thanksgiving - I wouldn't have believed it.

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