Friday, December 13, 2019

Alive Alaska Update

Friday nights used to mean pizza and movies. For Stacia and I it now means playtime with Bella and Gideon! LOL  The Queen of Sprinkles strikes again.

This seems like a good spot for an update on Alive Alaska.  Alive Alaska is a Christ-centered, recovery-focused church which welcomes all in and out of recovery, their loved ones, and anyone looking for Christ's love every Friday night.

They meet at 591 S. Knick Goose Bay Road in Wasilla every Friday night at 7p.m. Each evening begins with a community dinner and service kicks off at 8 p.m. There IS Children's ministry - run by BreAnne and Brittany.
Brittany and Bre - Photo via Alice Alaska FB 

Izaak, Bre and team planned for soft Launch in November with a "hard launch" on Good Friday 2020.  The thing is - this thing LAUNCHED with a big, unexpected boom. God obviously is using them to meet a need in the Valley. They had 80 people the first two weeks. 80 people. Think about that. The next three weeks attendance hovered at 100. 100 people...coming to celebrate Jesus and community on the recovery journey.  How humbling and exhilarating for BreZaak to be used to meet this need...that spot where their passion and the world's need intersect - calling; magic.
Bre - Strong. Courgeous. Gherkin shirt from 2015
Photo via Alive Alaska FB

Photo via Alive Alaska FB - Izaak on right

Tonight - 130 people in attendance; 21 children. Two more volunteers for children's ministry - volunteers are  a sure sign of health. They ran out of chairs. ::snort::  Brokenness gathered in Christ-centered worship, for His glory alone....magic!

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