Monday, July 06, 2020

Adventurous Walks

The adventure continues.

I had just begun walking when we found the bear in our yard.  I walk with bear spray - and a know so I can call for help if being mauled?  Anyway - I was asked to walk with both - and I do....

Then, I wandered upon several homeless individuals coming out of the woods one day - and I added pepper spray to the arsenal.

It was still cold enough the first two months to walk with a sweatshirt. I had a big pocket to stash everything. It warmed up. I walk with full hands. It got old. I decided to get a fanny pack (or bum bag if you wish) carry safety essentials. Jamin said he'd bring me one. We haven't seen anyone since as we moved into a new period of isolation.

I found an old string AWANA back pack...I threw all the safety things in it, slung it on my back, and have continued walking.

It's worked.

I have been looking for a new goal to try exert myself. The hills around here which used to be a challenge are only mildly challenging now. I can easily go 5 miles and have added  distance, but I don't always have time to add distance. I decided one of my July Tries (#justtryjuly2020)  would be to walk up this street.

It doesn't look steep in the photo - I shared my goal with Krista and she said, "That's steep." In other words it's not just a "middle aged" woman saying it's steep. BTW when does middle age end and old age begin? I mean do I really think I'll live to be 112? I do believe so. ANYWAY..... July 3rd - I figured it would take several tries to make it to the top. My plan was to start up and then get further on the next try. Sound plan.... I was feeling strong at the end of my walk - why not give it a shot? Up I went....I was 2/3 of the way up the hill when I saw this....

Mama and a TEENY tiny baby. About the size of a lab. Um....I was glad she was in the bushes and I could turn around and walk off, briskly. It has been my experience  if  one simply moves away - they leave you alone. But I've heard stories....

I was committed and couldn't go forward....sometimes detours are odd that way....and so on July 3rd I walked 7 miles. Every little jog you see off the "square" is a result of animal encounters.

4th of July began early with a trip to McDonald's to deposit Alex.   On the way home, I decided to run up the hill and clock how far it  I could work it into a 3 mile walk.

What is that up ahead? Yep - two moose. These are NOT mama and baby. I slowly progressed and they moved into the woods on the side of the road.
They are much bigger up close. 

I decided to keep going - have never driven to the top - and just wind around home. I got to the top and realized it's a dead end. I got out and took a photo from the top of the hill. See the landing about midway in the photo....that's the road I turn off of to walk up this...

I started back down and ran into the moose again. One of them ran into the woods. This one turned and RAN AT MY CAR. What in the world. I know you do not want a moose to land on your car.  I sped up - she paced me. She ran beside my car down the road.

I decided several things all at once. Maybe I won't try to walk up this road...and having bear spray on my back may not be the best safety measure to take. Before someone suggests packing...yes, that's an option on the table. I have agreed I may need to learn to shoot....BUT....from what I hear a gun big enough to deal with bear and moose will have quite a kick back and I'm a wimp. I'd like a cute pink that doesn't kick.

Stacia and I went out to walk on the 5th of July. Would you believe as we came off a trail and into our neighborhood we saw the baby moose by a neighbor's car? Mama was right there....and that reminded me...moose don't STAY where you see maybe walking up the hill is o.k.?

Honestly, I'm blogging about this instead of walking...because I'm a tad bit unnerved...never knowing where a big animal may pop up....and I barely bother worrying about dogs these days.

BUT I am not going to cower inside...I am going to get out in the sun and enjoy summer.

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