Monday, July 06, 2020

Great Monday!

I sit down to blog and try to think of what I did today.....walk and garden. Sleep. Repeat. LOL

Millie wasn't feeling the walk thing  this morning. We remembered Zak George says to use the walks for training...Stacia went back and got the clicker and Millie managed a mile.

Would you believe we ran into another moose? This wasn't even up in the boonies. That makes 7 moose in the last 3 days. 

Stacia and Millie headed home after the first mile. I walked on for a total of 6 miles. The fireweed is showing up. I love to see it - and I hate to see it. I'm not ready for the summer to be anywhere NEAR ending....

Back at home Mike was heading out to meet with Alex for their father/son Bible study.  Stacia was practicing piano, Japanese and training Millie. Dad and I visited a bit and then he took a nap. DAD IS FEELING MUCH BETTER TODAY!!!!!

I made myself a brunch of sautéed mushrooms, kale, spinach, onions and eggs - all grown or raised by us! Michael has informed me not to eat any more mushrooms until Izaak checks them out. I guess I figured they were IN the garden - they were meant to be eaten. 

I went out to the garden again after brunch.  I picked chickweed, weeded the squash hills, and  thinned out beets and radishes. I knew the beets were too tiny to pick,  but the bed is overly crowded. I decided to just boil the beets even though they were tiny...and then I remembered some had said you can eat the tops.  Hmmm.... 

Most the radishes were tiny; a few were jumbo size. We are going to have a zillion radishes. I discovered, after planting, that most my crew do not like radishes. I'd only had them in salads and veggie trays.....We're going to have lots and lots of them so it's time to get creative. 

The first zucchini is on.

WHAT is this? The row over....what should I do? 

Woot! A blossom on the spaghetti squash! 

Yes, moose and chickweed - my workout tools for the summer! LOL 

I decided to make beet top pesto. It is surprisingly good. I'm not sure how I'll use it as I don't want to chow down with chips...but it is yummy. I did add twice the garlic, used pecans instead of walnuts (which tear up the roof of my mouth), and threw in some basil too. 

I thinned out spinach and so I have a bag of spinach and two of beet tops. How else do you use beet tops? Can I saute them like kale and spinach? Use them in smoothies?

Stacia liked the beet top pesto. 

I cut the radishes up and tossed them with a couple of Yukons and spices. I popped it all into the air fryer and they were really good! Really good.

Our little taste of beets...I KNOW they are small but I had to thin so either the chickens or us would eat them. LOL The kids can't stand them so this was good for Michael, Dad and I to have a taste.

I'm excited to start eating from the garden. I was jealous when some of you were eating from your gardens in May and June. We didn't even plant until the end of May/June....but with 3 days worth of sun every day - things grow fairly fast. The heat of the past few days really helped.

Both Bre and Arielle had ultrasounds today. But those are not my stories to share until I see them on Facebook. Check their timelines or keep watching here. ::snort::

Josiah went "facebook official" with a lovely gal.

CoRielle stopped over...Michael and Benny had a great time on the trampoline. I joined them as Benny wanted me to help him bounce papa.

He nabbed Papa's flashlight and proceeded to examine his eyes. I have no clue where he saw that done before, but he was quite sure what to do with the light. 

Michael and I ended the day with a walk down to the mailbox... I was able to add another 1.35 miles to my day's walking total. 7.41 miles! Go me!

It was a great Monday.

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