Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Day 4 - Dip-netting 2020

And so begins Day 4 of fish camp....fileting, sealing and freezing last night's catch. 

Stacia is patting the fish dry with paper towels before we put them into bags. 


A word about the camping...this place requires a 5 night stay to be in a spot during July - fishing season. I certainly don't understand WHY - but they do. They also nickel and dime one but that's common when most your $ is made in one month.  This year we are in a quad. There are 4 pull through RV spots with a big green area in the middle. Tents are allowed there.  We were happy and surprised when two of the spots were taken up with Ed, Jennifer and their group. It made it easy to visit back and forth though we weren't with each other....I liked it.  The problem is...for all the room for tents...our tenters told us it's NOISEY.  People often walk through the common area and don't know there are folks trying to sleep between tides in the tents. Kids throw balls which hit the tent....dogs stop by...

Stacia finds a way to sleep wherever she is. LOL 

This took the cake! A pig! Yep - a pig snorting around the tent.  In following years we stayed in a super size site...which provides more privacy for the tenters. 

Visiting with Lori - from the "group" - introducing pups. 

The freezer is filling up. 

In the late afternoon evening we headed to the beach....this was to be a big day for me personally. I'd tried to fish before and ended up under water both times. THIS time Krista and Stacia coached me and I CAUGHT a salmon, of course Stacia helped me drag it in...but I'm counting it. 


It was fun to catch up with Jen on the beach. Jen is also on the women's ministry team at church. 

We notched the fins of the fish I caught so I could grab a photo when we were cleaning fish. Since I take photos, and I was fishing...there are no photos of the momentous event as it happened. 

Britney at the cleaning station

The tally board

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