Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Just Tuesday

 I believe the highlight of my day was lumpia for dinner - the ultimate comfort food. 

Millie has been CRAZY today. She began barking early....I checked and she was moose watching. 

I got Dad settled in the bathroom and ran to take care of a few tasks. The barking got frantic. Do you see the problem? 

Her leash is caught under Dad's wheel! LOL  She also barked to let us know Aaron had dropped off lumber. She barked to alert us to the Physical Therapist, and there was lots of random barking when she wanted to get out in the snow, and when the woodpecker showed up.  

We woke to cold showers! It seems the OTHER water heater went out...Mike was able to get it started. One recent development is Stacia has a job! She works one afternoon a week (and the odd shift) at a local Greek Cafe. She needed to get to work today. Mike sat with Dad while she and I headed to the gym for WARM SHOWERS. Stacia is now the master of all sorts of new types of drinks. 

Dad was going down for a nap when I got home. I actually got a work out in!!! 

The PT was here today and put Dad through his paces.  The therapist agrees a realistic goal is for dad to walk independently with his walker....He loved my "motivational wall art." 

Um...we call that scribbling verses on a mirror.

Contrary to what I was told by previous social workers, if Dad is making rehab progress with his therapy Medicare will keep paying for it. The ball is in Dad's court. If he wants to improve, he'll have to work hard, but they'll pay to continue to work with him as long as he is improving.  I'm relieved to know he will not be cut off after 8 visits if there is still a possibility of improvement. 

OT comes tomorrow. 

Everyone was home for dinner. I'd forgotten to thaw any meat for dinner.  I DID have some freezer bits to pull out and we ended up with a meal of sorts. Krista is attending an ASIST train the trainer training at JBER this week. (Pretty impressive use of the root word train, don't you think?) This is a great opportunity for her as a reservist. 

That's about it for the day - nothing terribly interesting happening around here. LOL 

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