Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Happenings

Teamwork! Stacia and I headed out at 0730 for Bible Study and the gym. I left the monitor and call button receiver in our room. Dad was sleeping soundly and I checked the fall alarm to make sure it was attached.  Our guess was dad would sleep until we were home. 

It was not to be...Millie wasn't happy to see us leave. Dad was sleep at the house. Shew. 

Michael ran out for Bible Study with Alex; Stacia and I took over at home. I HAD to go to the bathroom. Dad SAID he was going to take a nap. I THOUGHT he was safe and taken care of. We don't activate all the alarms as we haven't had trouble with naps.  I heard a fall. Yep, he was NOT taking a nap. I found him on the floor. Millie was sitting beside him and nudging his shoulder. I'm glad he is off  blood thinners this week. 

Millie does seem aware of Dad and his needs. I am hoping she can eventually be trained to alert us when he is doing something he's not supposed to practicing walking. This was the first time I was successful getting dad up from the floor by myself.  It is not easy. 

Arielle called in the midst of this "situation." 

"Hi Mom. What are you doing?"

"Trying to get Grandpa off the floor." 

Team CoRielle to the rescue. They brightened our day and changed our afternoon's focus! 

Cory texted me on the sly and asked if we could watch the boys so he could take Arielle out. Yes, we sure could.  Danny is 2 months old now, 16 lbs, and off the chart! We've suspected he may be a ginger, but we know hair color can sure looked ginger today. 

We were happy to watch the boys. This is Arielle's first trip without Danny. They both did great. They DID end up eating in our driveway! BUT WE HAVE STARS out here. 

Baking with Benny....I had been wanting to make Aunt Gin's cookies (Doubletree cookies). I have made them totally sugar free and they were dry and dense. I subbed 1/2 of the sugar this time and they were good. 

Such an enthusiastic helper! 

What a character! 

Guess he isn't sure about the lemon juice?

It must have been o.k. as he was happy to snitch dough. He wasn't sure it was a good idea to get the dough off the beaters....when I saw him eating the dough I said something like, "Benny! What are you doing?" 

"Mama does it!" ::snort:: 

Benny moved on to movies with Papa and I settled in for snuggles with Danny. 

There were no end of volunteers for Danny snuggling. 


Every mile counts! Walking Tally 71 miles out of 100 miles

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