Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Millie Update

 Millie....is a puppy. I knew we'd have to face this, but didn't think it would be NOW. She's 9 months old. I guess it happens. I also did not know a dog can be in heat for weeks rather than days.  We weren't prepared and will need to go buy some doggie diapers.  

Check out her face. I understand. 

All last week we've been saying how much calmer she is. She has wanted to cuddle and hasn't had her usual level of energy...Stacia worried she was sick....hmmm... Stacia has some thinking to do...do we want to let her have a litter of pups or do we want to get her spayed soon?

Another new thing in Millie's life is she is getting down the paper trick. I brought the paper in and she raced to grab it and take it to Dad. She didn't give it to him - but it was close. 

She's a good labradoodle....ever heard of a mastidoodle? We're working to avoid a muttadoodle. 

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