Sunday, March 28, 2021

2 Week Catch Up

It's time for a big catch up post. We've been busy living life fully present....and that's not left much time to sit and blog. These nights I'm watching an episode on Netflix rather than using my last cognitive energy on a blog post. LOL 

We are totally LOVING the extra light. We are over 13 hours of sunlight. Temps have jumped between -6 and 22* in the mornings when I take Alex to work. The roads go between muddy puddles and snow covered ice. We are close to break up.  We have had a couple of snow storms in the two weeks this post will cover.  We have spent a lot of time on school  -  turning in samples, adding classes, making sure we're on track and work, work, working. 

Benny brought GG a 80th birthday card
Benny and G G 

Michael, Stacia, Allie and I took dinner to a new mom. We fell in love with Jericho James....and totally loved our infant snuggles. 

Soon this will melt. One of these summers we'll make a sidewalk or something out here and be able to shovel it. LOL  For now...we climb over the snow....or use the front door. 

Millie brings me each of her favorite toys every time I begin to cook. 

Michael has spent quite a bit of time hanging things, hiding wires, rearranging pictures...

Grandpa loves calling family and friends

Millie has been here....

Stacia and Allie spend a lot of concerted effort getting Millie to settle down around Benny and Arielle. I think she associates them with those rowdy, early play sessions when she was a new pup. 

GG loves the visits from Arielle and the boys

In addition to drop in visits, Arielle has begun to provide a few hours of weekly respite care for Michael and I. We've made it out once he and I TOGETHER and it was great fun.  Stacia stops by for an hour every week after work to watch the boys so Arielle is assured a solitary walk and training time with Kimber. 

We were looking for something in Potter's closet - Benny loves to be given permission to climb under here. Millie followed. She was quite alarmed at the sight in the mirror. She inserted herself between Benny and the mirror and pushed him back with her body and then commenced to bark, and lunge....she never could quite scare that other dog away. 

Game night! My favorite way to date to use up salmon. LOL 
Dominion - Alex, Ed, Ethan, Michael, Nolan 

We chose Dixit...
Allie, Britney, Stacey, Stacia, Jenni

I am happy to report no living room furniture had to be moved to add the second tale to our main table.

Later in the week, these 3 played games while Allie and I worked on some school stuff.  Nolan has finished his second college course. He aced the class - that makes 7 credits earned since Feb 1st. Go, Nolan. 

Bacon salt - who knew? It's a thing. 

I am not sure if Millie is getting tired of snow...I am getting tired of the melty tracks of water she brings in each time she goes out and comes in. 


Krista bought Stacia and Millie a chuck it. Millie loves chasing the ball. Stacia is not thrilled about the snow up to her waist in the back yard so she moved the fun to the driveway. 

Attacking the ball

Oops - it took a bit of time to realize Stacia wanted the ball BACK

She got it. 

It's a joint project to blow dry Millie after her outdoor play time....

Millie still thinks she's a lap dog. 
We allow her on the couch if she's on a blanket...watching Home Before Dark - a really cute show about a 9 year old investigative reporter. 

Danny is always good for a few smiles!

Willow joined the crew....Willow is an 8 week old Golden Retriever who owns Josiah and Crew. They brought her by after picking her up. She handled all the changes in her life admirably. 

The moon was beautiful over our mountain. 

In addition to the glimpses captured with the camera, there were also cosmetic classes hosted by Krista, lots of birthday lunches with Krista, a girls day out, snowstorms, church, lots of one on one meetings with various ones, tea, returning birds, dog rescuing, PFDs filed, taxes and ministerial license renewals still to go.... It's been a full two weeks. 

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