Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A Full Day's Work

I started the day with a 2 mile walk/jog, which in retrospect was a bad idea for my feet. LOL 

By  7:00 am I was in the kitchen processing salmon and I finished with the last jar at 1:30 am - 18 1/2 hours; the majority of time on my feet. It was a long day but all of 2020 salmon is out of the freezer and processed. My new American Canner was pressed into service and I now feel comfortable with how it works (and am remembering to apply olive oil to the metal). LOL  In comparing the American and the Presto - the Presto gets hot quicker and cools down quicker...but I have to babysit it to keep the pressure constant. The American gets up to pressure and STAYS there - for 90 minutes.  I planned on buying a second Presto but there were none to be had after March of 2020. Michael put my name on a waiting list for an American Canner and I continued to look for a Presto to buy. The American Canners reached Anchorage first. LOL I was skeptical, but now I'm sold. LOL 
2 canners and the dehydrator all full of wild salmon

I planned on saving a milk crate full "in case" we don't catch many this year...Michael has great confidence in catching plenty more next week. I've got the salmon skinning technique down to a science now. Counting the amount from yesterday, we have 15 bags of salmon jerky, 99 pints (I didn't do any 1/2 pints this year) of salmon, and 11 pints of 13 bean mix (to fill the canner - they're a bit overcooked but we'll see).  I also learned one can get blisters on their pinky....must be something in my skinning technique. LOL 

This is great! We are on our last dozen of  canned 1/2 pints. My family loves salmon chowder. It's very simple to make when I have the salmon ready to go - takes 4 jars per pot of chowder. I don't season this so I can use it in a variety of recipes....chowder, alfredo, sandwich spread, dips....Recipe? Fill to the first ring with salmon, pack tight. Add nothing. NOTHING. (The first year I added garlic, jalapeno etc - but for ease of use later I found simple is best). No oil, no salt, no spices....just wild Alaskan Salmon.  Wipe the rim, put on a lid and ring. Pressure can at 11 psi for 90 minute...plenty of oil in the jar. 

Dad had a physical therapy appointment at 3:30. We dropped him off and I took the girls to practice "turns" in the van. That was my "sitting spell" for the day. I was thrilled when Lindsey came out to sit and we got a power play date in....LOL 

Michal and I have a 9 am appointment this morning so I stayed up and did the last 32 jars. I had hoped for 5 hours of sleep when I made it to bed at 2 am. Dad was up and needing care and laundry at 5:30 am.  Arielle and the boys will be here to hang out with Grandpa so we can keep our appointment in 1 1/2 hours.  Maybe I can talk Michael into brunch after the meeting. 

Yes, everyone was busy. While I played with fish, Michael transferred food from the freezer that fits through the RV door to another. It is ready to go to camp and be filled with this year's bounty. Michael also finished packing the RV with "fishing gear" and "RV stuff."  The girls were busy with a list of chores and activities but I'm hard-pressed to remember what. Nolan is still house sitting for a friend  and Alex worked a long day. 

This day is off and racing. I've decided not to get any miles this morning. I need to baby my feet and shoulder a bit so I can start dip netting in good form. I may just sleep for a few days when we arrive at fish camp. 

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