Thursday, July 15, 2021

Girls Lunch with Grandpa

 Our days are executed with the precision of a Jenga structure.  Dad had a 1 1/2 hour dental appointment scheduled for today. The plan was to drop him off, and then zip Allie over to a lunch she had planned. THEN Dad's appointment got cancelled. THEN Michael broke a temporary crown and the VA wanted him to come he couldn't stay with Dad while I took Allie to her lunch. 

In the end, I told Dad we'd need to leave the house anyway, but instead of a crown, he would come to lunch (there was no way he'd sit in the car during the lunch as I'd planned to do).  He felt this was a good trade. LOL THEN I realized Stacia may like to have lunch too....and that is how we ended up having a girl's lunch with Grandpa in the midst of a crazy busy week. 

We introduced Stacia to Flan and Dad was reminded of Leche Flan (same thing but from the Philippines). I've been tasked with learning how to make it. 

After lunch we had just enough time to get Dad to his physical therapy appointment.  A funny thing happened on the way to Dad's physical therapy appointment - he and I got stuck in their lift. ::snort:: 

The girls and I had planned  a bit of driving practice while Dad was at PT. In the end we were tired and needed to fill our time with a less mentally taxing activity. We found a park, enjoyed nature, and played. Simple is often best. 

This is probably a good time to share we are currently on summer break. We planned to take the week of the wedding, the week after, and then dipnetting week off.  I don't always picture how hard the girls have been working. 

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