Friday, August 20, 2021

And THAT'S A Week....

 Yes, I do believe this feels like fall. 

Stacia and I haven't made it out in 3 weeks for Bible study. We left the house at 0700 and drove to the top of the mountain...we covered a lot of Matthew...and will catch the rest up next week.  Millie's mealtime training paid off today at study time...she curled up and pouted rather than trying to jump into the front seat. LOL 

Stacia hit the books when we got home. Michael and Alex left for their study. I managed to get 50 minutes in on the elliptical.   I also got today's #everybitcountschallenge done... Day 20 - 8 trays of dried apples.  They were disappearing faster than I could get them off the tray and into a storage container. 

Michael and Alex got home. I left the girls working on school and headed over to spend time with Bella and Annie. It was fun - and I didn't take a single photo! The boys went for immunizations. 

I raced home thinking we had just enough time for our lit discussion before CyRi showed up for dinner. The girls discovered their FRIDAY assignment was to write an essay about Beowulf. In future weeks we'll be sure to look ahead and see if an essay will be required.  We skipped discussion time as Michael was talking through edits with the girls.  Our plan is to discuss Friday's lit over the weekend. 

CyRi showed up and we caught up...and talked logistics for the upcoming week. Guests have begun arriving. The wedding is close.  After dinner they headed home. Carrie has to work tomorrow. 

We had a rare lightening, thunder, RAIN storm during dinner. We were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow. I caught 1/2 of it. 

Stacia began work on her second wedding cake. Carrie wants a "naked cake;" decorating will be a piece of cake, so to speak. We'll also make cupcakes for the reception.  Allie has become Stacia's baking assistant...I think they like to visit, sing and dance as much as bake. 

The yard is greening up nicely. I love the way the sun hits the mountains (or trees) as it a week Josiah and Carrie will be getting married right in this spot. It's going to be an exciting week. They are predicting 60% chance of rain. We're praying for a clear patch and planning to have fun with umbrellas if we don't get it. LOL 

I am THANKFUL it's FRIDAY! This may not have been the best week to go to a full school schedule. We usually DO wait until after Stacia's birthday, but next week will be even busier than THIS week and I AM happy to see all the progress the girls made this week. It feels GREAT to have the week behind the end starting was probably the best plan...if we have to take a slower pace next week on school, we're still making good's a marathon, not a sprint...the key is to keep moving forward. 

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