Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Packed Wednesday

These first weeks of school can be disorienting for student and teacher...and it seems doubly so for homeschooling families which contain both. ::snort:: 

I hadn't thought through how full the days would be with SCHOOL when I made plans and appointments for this week...oy vey! 

Today, Michael had an appointment in Anchorage. That isn't a big deal except that it means he wasn't available around here....and I'm not operating from my A game this week. LOL 

The girls were down in the basement working, working, working - and I'm not about to interfere with THAT for my convenience. ::snort:: I can handle grandkids alone. 

I set out to entertain Benny and Danny...without  cool Aunties/Uncles or Papa assistance.  CoRielle were off for much needed couple time. I was thrilled to watch the boys. I quickly discovered Danny presents new challenges now that he's MOBILE. I could NOT figure out how to get the gate set up working that Michael had created...and thus the fact that he was gone figures into the day. LOL  Eventually the girls came UPSTAIRS to work on Financial Freedom and the boys were thrilled to see them. LOL  I actually left Danny to be passed between them (because you know that's safer than crawling off the landing of stairs) and Benny helped me with some "chores." 

πŸ“· by Allie 

We made sugar free cookies. I may have discovered it is not wise to pig out on sugar free cookies. Ugh. I think I'm going to have a 2 cookie limit from here on out. 

This is the best little Kale processing assistant in the state.  We ran out and harvested a tub full of kale. Yes, STILL with the Kale. I cut production by 50% but I'm nearly convinced I'm getting just as much as last year. 

You say you want ANOTHER photo of me???? Danny at 9 months. 
πŸ“· by Allie 

Around the same time CoRielle were expected...Bre and kids showed up. They missed out on Stacia's birthday and had asked to take her and Allie to Krispie Kreme to celebrate instead.  I've STILL not made it over there....maybe in September. At this point I have an upcoming A1C and I'm not about to have a doughnut. ::snort:: Note we usually don't start school until the week AFTER Stacia's birthday and I'd just not thought the week through very well at all. 
πŸ“· by BreAnne

Day 18 of the #everybitcountschallenge....8 trays of kale chips - which translated to another 1 1/2 gal of kale chips.  There was a bit of kale which didn't fit into the dehydrator and so I'll do more of that for tomorrow. 

I had started a roast early in the morning....good call, me. I roasted veggies,  sliced fruit and set it all on the table with time to eat and make it to the church for youth group and Women's Bible study. 

Pastor and I had agreed to have youth and women both end at 8 p.m. I was EXCITED when we finished on time....and I was happy to visit for a bit while the kids finished up their rousing Back 2 School Olympics.  Here's a photo of the team with most gold.....The teams were randomly chosen - I was glad both girls were on the winning team. LOL 
Brittany, Stacia, Pastor Shannon, Josiah, Allie 

We are now fully into our fall schedule - and  THIS happened.... Do you know what this IS? 
πŸ“· via Facebook feed

Yes - THIS is termination dust on our mountain....the Fireweed is almost ready to go to seed - but not while it's not a HARD FALL....termination dust does indicate a change in seasons. It also gives us fair warning it's time to wrap up projects and prepare for winter.  Here's a fun youtube song about termination dust....and the feelings are accurate. LOL 

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