Saturday, August 07, 2021

Restful Saturday

Everyone slept in - except me. LOL  I enjoyed an early morning walk around the garden, woke up the animals, and placed a couple birdhouses around the yard...

Best place for a morning cuppa tea

The nerve!  These pests manifested. I am researching the best organic way to deal with them, for now I'm collecting them and feeding them to the chickens. 

This was a mother's day present from CoRielle. Benny said when I was sad I could stick my finger in the hole and it would make me happy. It's magic. It does. I didn't want to put it outside, but I realized I WANT some fun around the yard....and in the makes me smile outside now. 

The volunteer snap dragons are everywhere. I wish we had some volunteer fireweed, I'm researching how to get some on our place. 

Pretty little house from JaRissa

They seem to blame ME for the rain.

EVERYONE loves Kale - I spoil Dash just a tad bit. 

Grandpa woke up a couple of hours before anyone else. I used a lot of our garden produce in his "standard" breakfast...he didn't comment on the produce, but he DID eat it all.  Score - snuck in  produce. 

I baked a carrot cake...well...I made an 8 inch pan of carrot cake and 12 carrot cake muffins/cupcakes. I didn't frost the cupcakes and they are sugar free so I think we can count them as muffins. Dad loves carrot cake and my hope was something he'd think was full of sugar - that WASN'T.  They were yummy. Stacia used the layer cake to make sugar-free cake pops. She had trouble getting the sugar free chocolate to melt to coat them and gave up on that to try another day. 3 of the muffins are gone, I saved 4 for tomorrow and put 5 in the freezer. 

It was an odd day with no one popping in.  It was a rainy day - the perfectly delicious sort of day for a down day. Michael worked on a sermon. The boys went out to work.  I did a boatload of laundry and baked, Stacia worked on a sewing project, and Allie worked on a writing project. 

Grandpa, the girls and I ended the day watching Almost Paradise on Prime. So, we like it. Dad and I like it most because it's set in Cebu. What can I say...we miss the Philippines.  I hope they produce a season 2. 

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