Sunday, August 08, 2021

Afternoon of Wedding Talk

We pretty much have an open door policy...and that means we are never 100% sure who will be in and out of the house on any given day. 

We KNEW the day would begin with church where Michael preached on the "Great Love of God"...though I'm pretty sure that isn't the title. LOL  Walt and Judy came to church. Dad enjoyed having his childhood best friend at church.   CyRi was set to meet us at a restaurant after church and so we needed to jet...We had lunch at Pizza Ria Delphi with CyRi and Walt and Judy. They have a gentlemen who plays Christian music on the piano on Sundays.  We enjoyed being together. Walt and Judy headed out when we left for home. 

Stacia and Livie

While we were eating Krista called to tell us she and Luke were coming out. It was fun to see them.....

And...RENO...their English Mastiff. Reno is BIG and the sweetest dog I've ever met. 

These three had a special reason to come out today. It's time to talk all things wedding. They'll be getting married in our yard in 20 short days. They will be attending Carrie's family reunion in Oregon next weekend...and then the wedding will be really close... Carrie answered our questions about how she'd like us to help. Stacia is making a cake, or two. Arielle is doing decorations. Cory and Izaak will grill. I can't remember what Krista is doing - maybe making sure the food gets out maybe. I'm setting up a photo area. We're praying for another day of good happened on July 3rd. 

Adding to the Gherkin crew

CyRi headed back to town. CoRielle were playing outside when Benny rushed in to give us very important information, "Baachan! Bad news! YOU HAVE POISION IN YOUR YARD!" 


It turns out the pretty purple flower I was thrilled to see turn up in our yard is monkshood or wolfsbane. It's a neurotoxin and it's a bad one for kids and pets....and adults too. They say to wear gloves when handling it...of course, we didn't KNOW this and hunted it for bouquets for Krista's wedding...and I'd snipped quite a bit to arrange in jars in our house last week. ::sigh:: We're trying to figure out how to deal with the every encroaching woods. 

We all agreed it must still be least for another week or two. 

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