Thursday, September 30, 2021

Random Glimpses of September

The weather is changing...Stacia and I may not be bringing breakfast to the top of the mountain for Bible study many more weeks. 

Sept 3rd fireweed...starting to seed out...

 It seems I'm not the only one who likes to sit by the garden. In future years I see flowers, garden art, maybe a gazebo. It's a common site to look outside and see Michael connecting with one or both of the girls. 

I am not sure what prompted the roar...but both were having fun with it. 

Game Night

Sept 20th and Stacia has finished her Alaska History Course

Lots of time cutting and splitting wood in September

The girls model their new fall looks. 

Stacia says she and Michael were bored. That would explain playing Sorry. LOL 

This cracked the girls and I up. Note the decal says "Student Driver" and the woman INSIDE the care is talking on the phone! 

Allie is knocking ASL out of the park! 

Brit Lit. I planned to keep up with the girls. I gave up on Gulliver's Travel, and I'm ALWAYS behind, but I'm still hanging in there.  Sitting for tea and Lit discussion is becoming a highlight of this school year. 

This is also the month everyone started school. Allie is a senior. Stacia is a junior. BUT Bella is in kindergarten. 

Bella and Jojo 

Gideon is 4 years old and in Pre-school. They are homeschooling with Sonlight, the curriculum we use as well. 

Benny is in Pre-school. Arielle is using an eclectic approach with many hands on projects. 

All the kids are thriving. How humbling it is to see a new generation begin homeschooling. 

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