Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Fall Magic & Fun

 We woke up this a.m. with lots of leaves on our trees. A slight wind began to blow.... At one pointed I looked out the window and leaves were falling and floating, like the cherry blossoms do in Japan. It was magical.  

I walked out to the hammocks to watch the falling leaves.  

I stood in the middle of the woods and watched as leaves floated to the ground all around me. Unfortunately, the photos don't do justice to the falling leaves. 

This evening our trees are bare, and the lawn is carpeted in leaves. 

The Grandma tree is bare

Arielle and the boys stopped by this afternoon. Millie was too excited to behave mannerly and had to go outside. 

Such a pathetic puppy - watching the fun from the window. 

Danny's unique art technique. 

Benny's drawing. 

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