Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Glorious Fall Day

I'm capturing past days for the blog...this folder was titled "family dinner," but I remember nothing about dinner.  We were home from church as it was a "covid week" for us....we have noticed this year we are constantly being notified we are "close contacts"...and so we dutifully do our 10 days. Our natural immunity is holding us well. CyRi and CoRielle have just had covid in their homes and were good to visit. 

I remember a glorious fall day. Cy brought Willow to meet Millie. They did pretty good. 

Carrie has been working the night shift and many weekends, but she had time off this day. They called and came out. CoRielle dropped by as well. It didn't take long before Liv and Benny had us all working towards their many leaves to rake. 

Arielle has been wanting to try colors on her hair. Cory did a thing for her. 
Cory, Danny (11 months), Arielle 

Such a good Dad! 

Hello, sunshine! 

So many leaves - a kid's paradise. As we went through the day Benny and Liv kept returning to the leaves. The pile was jumped in, moved to beneath the slide and slid into...and finally there was the great leaf war of 2021. 
Swimming in leaves

Michael brought a load of wood over to the fire ring...of COURSE we had a fall fire and s'mores. 

Benny LOVES to help Papa and his Daddy with chores. 

GG and Stacia chilling by the fire

Arielle, Benny, Allie, Livie, Cy and Willow

Warming up chocolate while the marshmallows roast

Stacia, Cory, Arielle, Danny, Allie

Cory, Arielle & Danny 

Someone got a great idea...but maybe it's an idea whose time hasn't quite come. An Oreo S'more....

Papa's new wagon is going to be GREAT for dip-netting, but it's also wonderful for hauling so many things around here - including grandblessings. 
Livie and Benny get an assist from Papa

Go Livie!

We love fall. In recent years I've begun to dread fall as winter gets a tad bit long in our area. This year, rather than dreading fall signaling the advent of winter, we are working to embrace fall for fall. I put up decorations even though "they'll be covered in snow soon." We are enjoying each day and trying not to think, "This may be the last fall fire," but seriously, I do think this was our last fall fire. LOL  Soon we'll be moving into winter bonfires. 

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