Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Girls Are Surprised

Backstory: We have never been able to afford to give our children new cars when they get their license or leave home. We did sort of have a thing going.... The military moved us fairly often. We always had the family 15 pass van, and we'd buy a little commuter for Michael in our various locations.  When we moved, we either had to drive it cross country, store it or sell it. When the girls left home, we gave them a car. Josiah bought his own. Jamin got the Honda when he moved out and we pcs'd from TX. At that time Krista got my little Toyota (I think it was), rather than us storing it when we were in Japan.  We were in Japan when Jared needed a car, and he purchased a Jeep.  We were retiring when Arielle left home and she took our commuter from CA.  We didn't think ahead to how we'd handle this when we were no longer moving and selling commuters every few years.  πŸ˜‚ Nolan reached driving age about the time we were looking to retire our Jeep - which we bought to tow behind the RV.  It's still running for him - though held together with duct tape.  Alex has been using JaRissa's truck and is planning to buy it.  We've been trying to figure out what to do for Stacia. Allie has a truck which will either be fixed or sold...she's in the process of deciding....and we've been teaching the girls to drive in my van...thinking eventually we'd need to get them something to drive....

KrUke were recently blessed with a new to them Jeep. They wanted to play forward the blessing. The girls had NO CLUE what was up when Luke and Krista stopped by this evening. Yep, they are pretty great people. They gave the girls Krista's old car. Whoever needs it will drive it. This is a blessing to Michael and me as well. There will be time for the girls to save up for reliable transportation. The Vibe will serve them quite well. 

Check out the circled keys

They are motivated to finish learning to drive in the van, get their licenses, and move on to learning to drive a manual transmission. 

Note: I was going to get a photo of the girls with the car, but it snowed before I got the photo, and it hasn't stopped snowing...

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