Friday, November 05, 2021

Friday Fun

Alex helped Michael up the fall lights. 
The sun rose this morning at 9:36 and set at 5:43 this evening. Tomorrow we are forecasted to have 8 hours and 1 min of sunlight. We are losing 7 minutes a day.

The lights make everything cheerier. These are NOT Christmas lights, they are our fall/winter lights. Michael is not happy they don't match...I am happy they are up and lit.
Stacia and I were surprised how DARK when we went out for Bible study. We can't sit at the river or on the mountaintop at 0700 any longer. πŸ˜‚ We are nearing the end of the New Testament. 

Stacia has been talking about cutting her hair short. Arielle came over to give her an idea of what it would feel like to have short hair. 
In the end they went with a tamer look. Grandpa said she looked like Mickey Mouse in the first hairdo.
TGIF - the girls finished week 11 of school this week. We have  on from Peter Pan to Frankenstein.  

I got the rest of the kitchen picked up and found places to store our canning. We are brainstorming a better set up for canning, maybe under our stairs. 

I had hoped to have a photo of a brilliantly working oven tonight. Alas, the oven was looked it and he will be back with a part next week which will "hopefully" fix the oven. In the meantime I will close with this photo of Michael counter surfing while he Nolan initially worked on the oven.

We ended the evening with pizza and movies... "Sonic The Hedgehog," and "Yes Day."

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