Sunday, November 14, 2021

Our Weekend

Michael says I don't know how to rest....I contend I love to rest...but relaxing to me includes walking in nature or reading a book.... LOL One can learn important things on nature walks...for instance, if there is a foot of snow on the bear's head, there probably isn't much to worry about. 

Michael and I were honored to spend Friday - Sunday with 50 adults and 52 children from JBER.  Frankly, I was quite overwhelmed BEFORE we left. It was well worth it once we executed the plan and got out of here.  I often feel these feelings before speaking engagements. LOL 

The event was well planned. Childcare providers were hired to provide activities for the children on-site, meals were yummy, and the schedule was arranged to provide maximum time for personal family activity as well.  Michael and I led 5 sessions on principles of parenting...the group was interactive, feedback was positive with several commenting on how much they needed to hear from us.  It is humbling to recognize we are now the "older generation". ::snort:: 

Saturday afternoon and evening was free! We took advantage of the time by taking a nap! See I CAN rest....and then I lobbied for a walk. We were at Alyeska Resort. It's beautiful. We both noted how much it felt like being at Komaki's, a resort in Misawa. The tramway to the top of the mountain and the tram station reminded us of stations in Japan.  It cracked me up to see machines on the slopes blowing SNOW in the midst of a snowy day. They are opening for the ski season on Dec 10th. 
The dots above the chair lifts are
blowing snow

A blessing to have the time for just us two....

THIS is so like New Sanno in Tokyo. 

We spent some time brainstorming something like this for the backyard...but really maybe the wood burning fire pit is just as warm....though more work to light. 

After our walk, we warmed up in the room. Michael turned the easy chairs around so we could enjoy the view. We spent quite a bit of time sitting here and watching the weather over the mountain. 

The resort has a salt water pool and hot tub. They currently require reservations. Each guest can reserve one hour a day. We donned our robes and headed to meet Luke and Krista at the pool at 5 p.m. 

Michael decided to stay in at this point. I headed into town and discovered a YUMMY pizza joint with Luke and Krista.  I wandered around when we got back and enjoyed the fireplace outside....

By day 3 I felt I had run out of words. I headed to the tramway cafe for a drink and muffin... I wondered if Michael would show pity and volunteer to handle the last session. He told me to, "Dig deep." 

And, I did....dug so deep in fact we were over time. ::snort::  It was a lovely weekend with some great young families.  There was a Strong Bond event going on as well at the resort. It makes me happy to think of that many families investing in their relationships. 

How did we do it? Did we take Grandpa with us? Did the boys take time off work? NO....CoRielle moved into our home. Benny told me, "Baachan, I'm going to live here forever and take care of GG." 
Benny & Millie keeping an eye on moose

The girls had helped to arrange a bowling event for the youth group... CoRielle and GG went along. This was Benny's first bowling event. Bowling and Burger King are STAPLES on military bases and military kids are often at both places. It appears Arielle won their family competition.  Allie won the  youth's game. 
   Go Benny!

Danny & GG 

Sometime between the picture above and the one below GG snuck away and got counterbond sugar. LOL 
GG and Benny

Things went well for them at home. One funny aspect is GG and the girls went to CoRielle's church. Grandpa has shown me the bulletin numerous times which lists Cory as staff at Farm Loop. He also really likes the size of Farm Loop. I asked him if more people talked to him there than at our church and he said, no.  I guess he just likes the size. 

Another funny - GG had Arielle running around frantically looking for his bottom dentures. He doesn't have any! And he was NOT impressed with Arielle feeding him chicken nuggets, though Cory's breakfasts live up to my breakfasts. LOL 

I enjoyed being able to sleep and get ready in the morning without the monitors and alarms going off. It was a great weekend for all. 

Cory and Benny 

*At home photos by Arielle. 

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