Monday, November 22, 2021

Simply Stacia BAKES again

 Allie and I headed out for Bible study this morning. It was COLD. We came out of our neighborhood, crossed the river, and then as the road turned - we happened upon a little car on it's roof. Another mile up the road we came upon a hit moose in the middle of the road.  We weren't loving the drive. I missed Texas winters' - then I saw the beauty of the trees and mountains clothed in white - it really is gorgeous. 

Back at home Stacia is in full cake baking mode....Thanks to Arielle for grabbing most of these photos. She and the boys stopped by for respite care while Michael and I stepped out to meet with a new gal about counseling.  

Remember the planet cake Stacia made a few days back? She began the rocket...

When we came home it magically looked like a rocket. 

Chef Benny is always happy to help Stacia. Stacia's cakes taste so good because they come with a whole lotta love surrounding them. 

She finished the rocket and moved on to practicing a new mirror technique. This makes a shiny finish and she's hoping to create a galaxy look for the rocket cake. She pulled out a 6 in cake to practice. 
In AWE of Simply Stacia! LOL 

She plans to add less pink to the real cake but the middle picture with a bit of pink and white will look a lot like a galaxy! I'm impressed. It's very shiny and sticky, chewy.... Almost a silly string consistency. 

Arielle had left a bag of chicken nuggets here. We had THAT and 2 pans of roasted squash, Brussel Sprouts and chicken salad for those of us that don't do fake food. ::wink:: Those sprouts were good....

And, Arielle....GG had thirds so I don't know why he gave you grief about them last weekend. LOL 

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