Tuesday, January 11, 2022

2021 Household Gift Exchange

We did it!  Finally. Tonight, we celebrated our 2021 Household Gift Exchange (as opposed to the Family Gift Exchange on Saturday).  

Aunt Mary sent 2 local monopoly versions 

It took a bit of time for things to fall into place this year. LOL  And, yes, there was noise in the backfield up to the last minutes. 

Michael drove me to Wholesome Food Co-op, and then took Grandpa out shopping. We had made the offer several times before, but Dad had never wanted to go out. I guess he realized this was IT.  

Extra table...organic yumminess @ wholesale

We had a small produce order to sort and the Azure order didn't ship.  I was done and out of there by 3 p.m. Michael suggested we pick up my new glasses on the way home. I went with a big frame for more "in focus viewing area," this pair is MAGNETIC so I can pop on a sunglass and still be able to see.  I was "sold" on a special coating that was supposed to deal with glare and nighttime driving. I don't think I'll get that again. I don't see much of a difference. They didn't have a lot of selection of the magnetic frames.... but I'm happy with these. 

We had just unloaded food when the boys LEFT. What? I was rushing to get dinner done on time so we could open gifts and they left. ::snort:: Um...they had to go buy gifts. LOL The girls and I went out to share some produce. A neighbor came over and helped with our driveway.  

Oranges the size of softballs

Grandpa was set up to wrap gifts. Michael had mercy on him. 

The guys got home. The girls and I got dinner on the table.  And FINALLY, we made it work. Here are a few glimpses of the evening. 

A baby Yoda shirt from Stacia

A couple of Exit Escape Room Games - from Stacia

Millie was DETERMINED to get baby Yoda

It was a delayed kind of Christmas for Stacia. We looked EVERYWHERE local and couldn't find what we wanted for her in the state of Alaska. In the end we ordered a cake decorating Air Brush set and some Cake decorating stencils online.  
Such excitement over a piece of paper

Allie's big, comfy sweater

Yes, there were other gifts and many more photos, but this is enough to catch the spirit. It was fun to finally bless each other - lots of love, laughter and hoots. 

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