Thursday, January 27, 2022

Routines with Allie! Meeting one on one and studying together with Allie and Stacia are highlights of the week. Allie and I hadn't made it to our regular spot since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. It felt good to be back into a routine.  We discussed principles of reconciliation from the book of Philemon and wrapped up our nearly yearlong focus on forgiveness.  The girls have decided they want to study the same topic our local women's group is discussing, Allie and I will probably begin it early. 

The unexpected always intersects with routine around here. Grandpa has an odd bug. He began throwing up late Wednesday. He does not have a fever, doesn't have Covid...simply tired and throwing up...Much of the day focused around making sure he was doing o.k. and isolated. My kids will tell you I'm a big believer in isolation to ensure these bugs don't cycle through the family....alas, it happens. LOL Allie had a 2–3-day bug last week. I'm hoping this is also quick for Grandpa. 

Michael was finally able to get back to seeing the chiropractor.... scheduled for the next 5 weeks. This is just me, I'm sure there are reasons, but I don't understand why the VA doesn't start the re-approval process before the end of these 12 approved visits. LOL 

Nolan was working, Dad isn't eating...the rest of us decided to work on clearing out leftovers. 

We finished Jericho and I'm sad. I want more. Not sure what we'll watch now. What are some of your favorite series to watch? 

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