Friday, February 18, 2022

This Week...

 As is my practice I pause this Friday to consider the week we've just lived. What are the highlights which we haven't recorded?

Tuesday was a first for Allie, a well-child doctor visit. We had seen Nicole, our NP, post-surgery.  She suggested we schedule a non-acute visit for Allie before she turns 18. It was a fun visit and Allie checks out for her 17 yo well child visit.  LOL  

Wednesday the oven-repairman came again. We have waited WEEKS for this part which was to fix everything. The part number on our current oven and the new part are the SAME but this part was made for a different stove. The oven is still not fixed. It's a down draft. The problem is Whirlpool made it, but because it has a Kenmore face plate, they won't stand behind it or even discuss repair options... Sears conveniently closed their appliance repair line when covid hit.  We won't be buying Kenmore again. We began looking for another stove/oven. We found a Kitchen Aide stove...we need a specific size as it's inset into our counter, and it needs to be a down draft. The Kitchen Aide looks exactly like the one we have...another one made by Whirlpool but with a different face plate.  We aren't feeling the love. This thing is only 3 years old. The only options are this model made by Whirlpool (tagged various names) and a Jen Aire. OR we can skip the down draft, but we'd have to hang an exhaust hood from the ceiling, which would mean changing lights and it would give the kitchen a totally different feel. Not sure what to do. We have been dealing with this since October. We have talked about a kitchen update, new counters and sink, save the cupboards and drawers. Maybe it's time to do it...

The girls both created college board accounts and registered for the next SAT.  Tis the season for practice tests, personality questionnaires, DISC assessments and career interviews.  We have been receiving college info since last summer for Stacia, and now Allie is getting inquiries as well. Both are enjoying the process of exploring future possibilities.  Allie is seriously considering a Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language & Interpreting. She is an excellent writer, and we see writing, as well as ministering to at risk children and animal training in her future. At this point she thinks the interpreting will be the funding source and the other things will be background activity. Stacia has talked of owning a cafe as a platform for ministry for years. She is in her 4th year of Japanese and meets twice a week with Kim Sensei. She is pulled equally to both Japan and a cafe - who knows? She is researching her options...culinary school? College? Just buying a food truck and starting? Funding college with a food truck. She is also a great writer. We are currently reading a novel as she writes it... LOL 

Bible study is always timely - but this week it was good to have time set aside to talk with each girl...and for part of the study to focus in on God's purpose for our lives. I couldn't help but think back to my senior year in Manila. There were so many decisions and back then the church was big at warning us to find the PERFECT vs. permissive will of God. That's a lot of stress for an 18 yo.  It was good to share lessons learned and listen to their thoughts as they process upcoming choices. 

I made our reservations for dip netting 2022. They are so booked we only will stay four nights this year, but we really didn't WANT to stay five nights anyway. 

We've been eating well...lots of colorful produce...ORANGE cauliflower, PURPLE brussel sprouts, and potatoes that are RED and PURPLE inside. Spring colors? 

We've been under a winter advisory. We do not typically get weather days off in Alaska. However, 2022 is coming in like a LION. We had the big windstorm - complete with missing power for a couple of days, followed by a good-sized snow/ice storm....and now kids have been out of school as it's warming up and we have ICE and rain and snow and more ice.... it's a mess. This morning it was like driving through a giant slushy resting on an ice rink. I drove in it yesterday and today.  That's a huge change from our first year when Michael had to drive me everywhere. LOL The van handles ice much better than the jeep did.  Stacia and I had a good laugh this morning. Typically, Alaskan drivers don't let the weather bother them out here on the hwy we take into town. Today, at 7:30 a.m., they were creeping along at 35 mph.

Some have asked how much snow we's melting.... but we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground. I am nowhere NEAR being able to get into the garden or discovering shoots of green in the yard.  I need to make myself walk out through the snow and grab a photo of the clotheslines nearly resting atop the snow. LOL 

That's about it for the week. We have been having many thoughts and discussions on how we impact a community...The chapel was an integral part of the community we lived in, hosting resiliency events, family fun days, events for deployed spouses, tire changes for deployed spouses etc.  We knew our community; knew it's needs and were integrally involved in meeting those needs. It was natural to meet those who did not share our faith at work, while out serving with the chapel etc. We don't work outside our home now. There aren't a lot of natural outreaches for us to join. Maybe in the civilian world this is more individual driven than faith community driven. We have been researching local options to impact our community...beyond what we are already doing. We are fine with this being organic, but if opportunities aren't as readily available through say "the chapel," we need to figure out how to find the opportunities to serve as individuals. 

We have struck up a relationship with a gentleman who called Michael today to discuss faith. He's Bahai. I look forward to more conversations. We just need more encounters like this...more chances to go into our world. 

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