Monday, March 07, 2022

A Compendious Account of Monday

 A compendious account of the day is the Scriptural admonition to love others deeply, from the heart. 

Michael and I have been taking Mondays for 3 hours of respite.  

Michael and Alex have been meeting on Fridays for one-on-one study. Alex's work schedule has changed. Arielle can't come over on another afternoon. 

Arielle and the boys haven't been over for nearly a month....Grandpa was sick, they were sick...he was eager to see the boys today. They showed up and I hugged their necks before I left. 

Michael and Alex left for study. I assured Michael I could put 3 hours to good use. Two friends met me at a new-to-me lunch spot. The 3 hours FLEW. It was wonderful.  (I didn't take a photo). 

I got home and had one hour before I needed to head out again.  I was blessed to spend another 3 hours socializing.  Even got in a game of laser tag where I was NOT the worst. ::snort:: 

Some days one needs to be alone in order to refresh. Some days spending six hours with friends is exactly what one needs.  I am blessed God has provided both for me recently. 

There was a whole lot of loving well today. Arielle and the boys loved Michael and I and Grandpa well. Michael loved Alex well. Michael also loved me well by taking care of Grandpa and dinner. My friends loved me well - changing their Monday plans to spend 3 hours together.  And tonight - what's not to love about spending time with friends in the center of fun for the valley? 

Note: Today's word is compendious. 

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