Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Toddlers and Young Adults

Look who I got to hang out with this morning. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but Arielle is the new children's minister at Farm Loop Christian Center.  She will serve kids in K-5th grade with weekly Sunday School during 1st service and children's church at 2nd service.  It's been pretty exciting for us to see how God has taken Cory and Arielle's season of preparation and moved them both into ministry positions in the past few months. Arielle can do a lot of work from home but will be going into the church on Tuesdays. Today, I had breakfast with Danny and Benny. We played a game....and then Benny asked if we could watch a movie. He said it was scary and he'd need to hold my hand! My heart. Who could resist cuddling on the couch with a 4 yo and holding hands? We started watching Monsters and Aliens - but never finished. 

Danny was quite proud of being able to walk in my shoes! They are pretty special crocs! 

Toilet Paper shenanigans continue - at least the TP has moved back to the proper room. LOL 

Most afternoons last week and this week have found Allie and I at the table. We're crossing things of "the list." Today, we finished the FAFSA. She's pretty excited to see her goal within her reach. Those are the Allie folders...11th and 12th grade, college stuff and tax stuff. LOL 

It's been a day full of paperwork and checking things off lists. We managed to finish Stacia's taxes.  Stacia is busy trying to line up interviews with Food Truck and Cafe owners. The girls needed to conduct interviews of those in various career fields they are considering. I know she's lined up an interview with a baker and kitchen manager. She's working on a cafe owner. The food truck has been a bit harder to nail down. 

Into ever Junior/Senior's life a bit of SAT prep must fall. The girls are spending lots of hours prepping for their first run at the SAT. 

This is what March looks like here. The snow is slowly melting. Our deck railing had frost this a.m. instead of snow.  We've got a ways to go before the snow is gone...or bulbs begin to sprout. BUT our days are up to 10 hours of sunlight...

Stacia and Allie went for an outside walk today. I longed to join them, but Michael was gone, and no one was here to stay with Grandpa. I am DETERMINED to work out a schedule so I can begin doing miles outside again. I LOVED this for the mental health as much as anything else. Stacia ran Millie around until she was so tired, she simply plopped down for the evening. 

It's been a great Tuesday - which for some reason - felt like a Monday. 

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