Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday's Progress

Friday morning Breakfast & Bible with Stacia. We left a bit early so I could try to get labs drawn. I knew I didn't have an appointment, but I didn't remember I needed labs until late yesterday...and my appointment is Tuesday. Monday is a holiday. The 7:30 appt CANCELLED and I was able to walk right in. The gal was giving me a mini lecture about making an appointment and not walking in, when I told her I knew it was a risk, but decided to just pray and try it as I hadn't known early enough to make an appointment and the site showed no appointments. She agreed with me that God had blessed me. LOL

GG went down for a nap and Allie was home...she joined us out in the garden for today's hour of fun. The girls brought dirt from the pile in the driveway. We filled the five beds we worked on yesterday with dirt. While they hauled dirt I got the space around three beds weeded and I leveled dirt in beds. 

LOOK! More life. I hope this bodes well for this year's garden. 

The girls put in our agreed upon hour. I spent an extra 1/2 hour puttering around and up-planting these tomato plants. I'm sorely tempted to go buy a plant...but these are doing well. 

Artichokes - a long shot but fun to try. 

It can get discouraging to look at this mess!!!! This is the side of the garden I've not touched yet this year. The part without beds. We add a few new beds each year. 

If I train my eyes to look at THIS part of the garden I feel like progress is being made. LOL 

The older girls enjoyed their bug ball treat. 

The chicks have been moved to their new home. I think they'll be comfortable and I'm happy to have a quieter kitchen back.  We laughed as they began running and flying in their new space. 

Allie met with a friend this afternoon/evening. Stacia and I drove her to town and decided to stay to enjoy the Friday Fling. This is a small open air vendor market. Sadly, there are more food trucks than vendors or Farmer's Market type offerings...but it was a beautiful day and this was the first time we made it out this year. The fling runs from mid May - mid August. 

Nolan, Alex, Stacia and Michael moved the re-purposed hoop house to the top of  two of the beds. The other 1/2 of the hoop house can be made into another small covering or we may join them together some day for the big hoop house we originally envisioned. For now, we needed this space back. LOL 

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