Sunday, May 01, 2022

Sunday Afternoon

Michael is filling in for Ed at Sunday School for a couple of weeks. We decided our best bet would be to take two cars this morning to church. We can't get Dad into the building where Sunday School is held so we wouldn't be able to attend the class and would just be sitting around waiting for others for 30 minutes... Two cars worked well. 

After church we had lunch and came home to find - these two in our driveway! It's always fun to visit with Jared and Larissa. 

Michael has spent the afternoon working on his project to extend the foundation of the greenhouse. I started weeding the beds behind him and realized my hands are not as strong as they've been in year's past. I thought about it and have decided to go after the weeds with a hoe and then cover the beds with newsprint or cardboard and put compost on top of that.... I'll tackle them in the morning. Maybe I'll just put the chickens in there after the greenhouse is erected. So many options...

Sometime this afternoon Stacia decided she wanted to go sit on the sledding platform now that there was no snow on it. 
📷by Allie

Millie fussed until we let her out - she had a great time romping around with the girls. The main purpose of including a photo where you can't really see PEOPLE is to point out there is NO SNOW LEFT in the back yard! 

This year's chicks continue to provide us with entertainment. Some of them are getting little feathers. The barred rocks (black ones) crack us up. They run and "cannon ball" into the middle of the feeder or group of others. 

This heating plate keeps them warm and night all 20 of them cuddle under it. 

I am looking forward to getting more eggs again. I am envisioning baked omelets, quiche and breakfast burritos in the freezer for breakfasts.  Our current 10 are basically keeping Grandpa in eggs. 

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