Thursday, September 01, 2022

A Beautiful Fall Day

Insert imaginary photo of darling daughters with steaming cups of drinks

The girls and I went out for our breakfast study. We are out of If:Table conversations and haven't started another study yet. I took other conversation cards, and we also discussed the fall schedule.  Allie and I will meet alone on Thursdays. Stacia and I will meet alone early Friday morning - we plant to hopefully be back before GG wakes up. We've enjoyed the past 2 months meeting together - but there is something precious about one-on-one time too. We'll probably mix it up this year. We'll see....but this is how we'll begin. 

We got home just as Arielle and the boys pulled up. They needed to get out of the house...and we are working at our place becoming a known and safe place for Little Buddy.  It was fun to see them. We played with playdough, visited loudly with GG, had snacks from Bachan's basket (z bars purchased for grands), the little guys perfected their duet and then they did many laps around the house. The went home tired and ready for naps. I hope. 
Little Buddy and Danny

At some point Danny wandered away from the keyboard. Little Buddy continued to play with me...and even snuggled in and took my hand to play. I felt it a personal win. 

Benny began running.... around and around they went.  Here are a few shots...

Run, Benny!

Danny & Benny

Sweet boys

Well, GG GOT his paper.... but it is still far too wet to read. I called and they'll credit him a day's paper. 

We had lunch. I visited with Nolan. GG went down for a nap. Michael ran to Spenard's and Lowes, the girls and I ran to get our eyebrows done, Alex got home from work as Nolan left for work and they transferred GG oversight...Yes, I do sometimes feel like those kids running around and around and getting nowhere fast...but expending lots of energy! LOL 

Photo to show eyebrows LOL 

When the girls were done with school - afternoon tea magically appeared on the table...tea and scones. It's time to bake some more tea treats for the freezer. It was POURING rain and we talked about hygge, embracing the season, how much the girls are enjoying their classes, and I bounced a few women's ministry ideas off of them. 

Allie went to work on chores, Nolan went to work, Stacia trained and played with Millie, Alex played video games, Michael installed an outside motion detection light, and I made Potato Cauliflower Cheese soup for dinner.  Mom Mary was right - candlelight really DOES make everything nicer. 

I think we'll either read a chapter from Inkheart or watch a video clip....we shall see.  Millie continues to pout about Stacia's divided attention this fall. I swear she's part human. 

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