Friday, September 16, 2022

A Day Around Home

I LOVE this view. New this morning is the snow on the peak above our house (#2). THIS is most likely termination dust and will thaw and come again? The snow on #1 is here to stay. Stacia was sweet to stop and start a zillion times until I got one photo I could use. 

This morning when Stacia and I left for breakfast study it was 36* in our driveway. It was cold. I am guessing if it were 36* at 7:15 a.m. we had frost last night. Right? I decided it's time to do some harvesting - that and the fact that the moose have been enjoying the garden buffet way too much. 

Twelve eggs this a.m. (6 more at night). We are in egg heaven! After the long dearth of eggs, it's WONDERFUL. How do we use the eggs? I boiled a dozen eggs - we are all enjoying having boiled eggs readily available for a quick snack. I sent a dozen eggs to both CoRielle and BreZaak. I used 6 eggs making brownies and another 8 eggs making cheesecakes...and of course Dad's breakfasts. Someone commented it may be time for me to find customers again. LOL They're still a bit small.... but quite a few of them are getting close to the 2 oz large egg measure. 
Such a pretty sight

I previously left all the greens from the moose damage in the chicken yard. Less than 24 hours later this is what was left. I grabbed the tiny beets and thick stalks for the compost pile. The chickens are pretty impressive. 

I went through the squash patch today. I trimmed back the vines that didn't have viable squash on them. We still have only the one delicata squash on the vine. I left about 4 or 5 kabocha squash on the vines. I googled and heard one picks kabocha when the tendrils are dry, and the vine starts to wither. I picked a couple that seemed to be at that point, and one fell off while I was pulling vines. I picked all the yellow squash and pulled all the vines - we've been eating these all summer.  The cumber vines were DEAD - it's been cold even in the hoop house. I didn't find mold and that made me happy. I pulled all the vines and harvested the cucumbers. I did NOT want to pickle any this year. I just wanted enough to EAT. We have been eating and still had quite a few to harvest. I made some of the dragon eggs into refrigerator pickles and will give as many away as I can.  I pruned back tomato plants leaving only vines with tomatoes on them. Several tomatoes fell - and so I have green tomatoes ripening on the windowsills. 

I hauled 3 more wheelbarrows full of greenery to the chicken yard. I composted the tomato plants as I read chickens shouldn't eat them. 

The lasagna bed is sporting another layer of green. It breaks down fast. Soon I'll be able to make brown layers from the leaves. 

Several have asked about the chick. This is my best attempt at catching a photo of her.  Mama is ready to be out and about. I fear this little one won't make it with the weather changing. She's too small to be put with the flock. I suspect she is heading for garage care in the near future. The hen Michael raised by hand last year is doing great. 

I made some fun discoveries in the garden. I found the potato patch is growing, surrounded by stinging nettles. We used the Ruth Stout method this year and it didn't look like it was going to do anything...some blossoms have died off...maybe some will have time to mature...we'll keep watching. 

The Connecticut pumpkin is still hanging around. The early variety is a dud! 

The dahlias planted in tires along the back of the garden are blooming. The moose haven't found them. 

I found THIS pumpkin in a tire where I was harvesting yellow squash. LOL It is bigger than the ones in the pumpkin patch which were carefully nurtured. LOL  I am not giving up on my pumpkin patch plans - but this wasn't a good year for it. I'll try one more time next year. LOL Maybe I'll try corn again too. Maybe. 

How do you fight weeds like this? This nettle is growing through black plastic AND a board. The entire north side of the garden is like this, although the weeds are about thigh high. I hope to cover it all in a couple of weeks and kill everything...I am desperate enough to consider herbicide and just not use the ground for a few years - but I'm not quite that desperate yet.  We've worked so hard to beat back the weeds and jungle without herbicides. 

It's fun to watch the chickens. They all scatter when anything is left in the yard. One brave hen will approach.  They all rush in once she's given it a few pecks. They are either emboldened by her or jealous of her. Either way - that'll preach. 

Real food comes dirty; I set up a table to hose everything off before bringing it into the house. I left it all to dry. 

Michael came in and commented it was nice of me to lay out a smorgasbord for the moose. I kept a close eye on everything and got it in before they were discovered. 

Speaking of wildlife - there's been a Grizzly in the area. He was on our side of the river, crossed over to town and now he's back on our side. He isn't afraid of dogs, is beating down coops and making a mess of things. A neighborhood group had a post from a man claiming to have wounded him - but didn't stop him. Here's a story about the Grizzly.  I NEVER thought I'd say this but I'm ready for winter - the season when all good bears go to sleep! 

I was able to spend the day in the yard as Allie and Stacia were happy to stay inside and watch GG. Michael and Alex ran a couple of errands, enjoyed a lunch study, and did some work on Alex' new car. Allie ended up getting called in for a few hours. Stacia and I spent the night making desserts for tomorrow's family event.  

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