Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Blessedly Normal Day


The day began with breakfast, tea and study with Allie. We discussed week 2 of our study "Choosing God instead of the World."  I love participating in the varying discussions with various groups of women. The online discussion is daily, more back and forth as we figure out what we think of the passage. I meet in person with Stacia and Allie...individually for these six weeks. The topics which come up are totally different than the ones in the online or local group - valid, good, real and tough. I also am leading a group of local ladies through the same study.... we've just begun, and I was encouraged to see all ages show up for the study. I think studying with the girls is good as it helps me have new ways of looking at the things and provides a glimpse into topics younger moms may want a heads up on. Going through the studies with the online ladies and the young women in our home has become an integral part of my prep to lead our local group. I continue to be amazed how the Holy Spirit illumines things so individually for each of us, and how we can read the same thing and have such wide application. It's good. 

I did some more clean-up work in the garden. 

I took leftovers and turned them into tonight's dinner. I always feel like I'm on the right track when the aromas draw onlookers to volunteer to be taste-testers. 

Tonight, we had a beef/veggie stew (leftover roast and fresh veggies from the garden and co-op) and biscuits. The biscuits look suspiciously close to scones - but I swear they are dill biscuits. 

Alex does not like soup. He doesn't like the texture...but you's SOUP season and the rest of us love soup. 

The snow is moving down the mountain range we watch. It's still contained to the highest peak and the ones behind it. It has not reached the peaks directly above our yard.... I just LOVE this time of year in our area.... all the colors...though it could use a bit more RED. 

The day ended with food... Today's egg haul - 19 eggs!

Allie made an A on her first mid-term. She continues to love both work and college. Stacia knocked her response paper to Oliver Twist out of the park. Michael says her writing is improving quite a bit. She PRAYED in Japanese - without any forethought yesterday. That says something. Nolan continues to work a zillion hours a week while working on college. Krista is visiting troops in Guam - someone has to do it. BreZaak's kids are thriving in swim lessons while Bre grows a baby. CoRielle are busy growing their family and embracing Little Buddy. Jamin is setting into a new home and helping Alaskans settle into their new homes as well. JaRissa are growing a baby and running a campaign. CyRi are busy raising the cutest 9-year-old in Alaska, and Carrie routinely welcomes new Alaskans into the world.... while Cy works to house them.  Alex amazes us with his early a.m. after day. And my baby brother, Nate? He had a momentous birthday today. I think we are all officially adults, my brothers and I... maybe even older adults. LOL 

That's it for the day. 

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