Monday, September 12, 2022

Happy Encouragement Day!!!!

Sometimes one can KNOW they are doing JUST what they are MEANT to be doing and it can be plain HARD. Life has been like that around our home recently.  

Millie began her "someone is IN the DRIVEWAY" barking. We weren't expecting anyone and ignored her. 

Then we thought we heard Benny yelling. Yes, it WAS Benny. We opened the door and he yelled, "Happy encouragement day!" 

What a great day!  He had made each of us a card and dictated a quick note to Arielle for each of us. I talked Arielle into staying and went out to help get the little guys. Little Buddy is starting to feel at home here. He ran right in and stopped with Danny to inspect the twinkle lights. He used his words, "lights." 

We threw together an impromptu teatime. Even GG got up and had a cuppa. 
Allie, Benny, Arielle, GG, Stacia, Danny, Little Buddy was on my chair

Eventually, everyone was through with tea, and up running here and there. Benny and Danny conquered Uncle Nolan.

Get him, boys!

Little Buddy was content to stay at the tea table. He's not been feeding himself...but look what he did. I told Arielle maybe I should send home one of her Great-Grandmothers silver teaspoons for Little Buddy's use. It's magic. Wow...consider she would be the boys' Great-great grandmother. Time. 

He climbed over to me and proceeded to finish my tea. He's very helpful this way. 

When tea was over Little Buddy went on to steal GG's heart AND his walker. He had GG moving faster than I've seen him move in over a year or two. 
GG and Little Buddy 

The visit did us all good. I loved Arielle knows when she needs to get them all out of the house, they are always able to come here. I loved the dose of encouragement on our doorstep from Benny. GG needed to see the boys today. 

We did a couple of other things today too! Stacia renewed her driver's permit. I think she needs to learn to parallel park and do some highway driving and she'll be ready for a license. 

Michael and I went to the credit union to figure out WHY I was getting delinquent notices when I could show the mortgage had been withdrawn from our account like clockwork and the checkbook balanced. She checked and was perplexed. She checked further and it became apparent in July I transferred the money from checking to SAVINGS instead of our mortgage. If only it worked that way - that's the way to build a savings account...but it has other unpleasant consequences. ::snort::  All is well now. Michael and I are brainstorming on getting me a chaos-free, quiet day to do all the paperwork once a month.  I get interrupted so often I leave tasks mid-stream and obviously jump back into the wrong spot in the stream. I think I could take the laptop and files to the library and work uninterrupted once a month. 

It's been a long day - but a good day. 

Oh! Seventeen eggs today. 

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