Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Stacia's College Choices

Stacia has been getting lots of mail from various colleges. Her typical response has been, "Meh!" and a quick trip to the trash. 

This "brochure" from Taylor University caught her attention. The flat brochure popped into a CUBE - a box really.  I said, "Ah, they want to put you in a box." 

"No, they recognize I'm 3 dimensional." 


They caught her attention long enough for us to learn Taylor is a Christian Liberal Arts University in Indiana. 

She also realized if you take the FLAT brochure and drop it, it becomes a box on the way down. If you tie a Walmart bag on top - it becomes a fun parachute. 

Maybe Sonlight's box day has led us HERE. ::snort:: 

Honestly, Stacia knows WHERE she wants to be, but not WHAT she wants to be when she gets there, though she knows WHO she is and wants to be when there. We're watching with great interest. LOL 

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