Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Halfway Through THIS Week

 Shew - Wednesday! This week...I have to find a way to slow down the second week of the month. 

The day began with a hair cut - she was a tad bit late and left me racing to make it to Bre's, without time to stop for a hot caffeinated drink. LOL 

These four keep me too busy to take many pictures, but Bre sent this one when they saw the first snowflakes on Monday. 

Jojo (11 months), Gideon (5), Annie (3), Bella (6)
📷by BreAnne

I began the day by getting the kids a bit of brunch. I got the food much more to their liking this time, but it's hard to mess up Ramin. Bella, DID request I add some banana peper and pepper juice to hers. 

Next up we played Candyland and Shark Chase....and before we knew it Bre was home. 

I got home and Allie needed to run across to the next town for a work mandated drug test, she had a few other errands we took the time to finish before we came home.

Michael was moving down the "the do" list outside when I got home. Stacia was watching GG. I got GG some lunch and then went out and helped Michael with the potatoes. I did not take pictures. 

I cleaned up while Michael finished and then Allie and I ran to church. She to her youth group lead gig and me to women's Bible study. 

Halfway through the week! 

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