Monday, October 03, 2022

Working our Fall List

We have had several back-to-back days with no rain - it's a horrible time to be so sick and stuck inside. 

I heard Michael outside...a bit of investigating revealed he was playing with the chickens. OK! He was cleaning out the chicken coop. This is on our list of things to do before it snows. These girls are giving us 18 - 20 eggs a day! It is wonderful to have a good supply again - but it's a bit overwhelming as well. LOL

These girls were more concerned about their dust bath than the noises from inside the coop. 

As long as she knows where the food is, this one will be happy. 

While Michael did the hard work in the coop, I defrosted our stand-up freezer. I've been trying to eat down the food to make room to put our veggie harvest and stocking up on meat.  I am making no progress. No matter how much we eat the freezer keeps refilling as fast as I clear it. It was perplexing. I gave a mini-lecture to Michael about he and I need to change our mindset - possibly buying to many loaves of bread or what not when they are on sale. I unpacked the stuffed WORD. I found 12 1/2 gallons of ice cream, another gal of ice cream and a box of keto bars. ::Snort:: Someone hit a sale and tucked them into the freezer. This cooler of ice cream takes up a shelf in the at least I feel a BIT better about making progress in clearing the freezer.

We eat ice cream one night a week - we'll be eating a long time to get through all this. 

I helped scatter shavings and this gal was NOT happy when I tried to move her out so I could clean under her. 

Ah, a nice clean coop - the water heater is in place. Michael also spent time redoing the insulation on the doors. 

We were able to check two projects off our list today...chicken coop cleaned and winterized, and the last big freezer defrosted. We'll see if we are done before the snow flies. 

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