Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas Sunday

 For the first time in several weeks, I was able to go to church.  It seems I was home because GG was sick. Then the girls were sick. Maybe it's only been 2 weeks - feels like longer. LOL Christmas Sunday is a great Sunday to show up at church. We came home laden with wonderful tokens of friendship and, photos, soup cozies (not sure what they're called), candy, fuzzy socks, sourdough bread...AND it was good to worship in community again. 

Michael LOVES a specific restaurant in our town. They have recently been closed on Sundays and Mondays due to manning. They were open this week and so there was no discussion needed about Sunday lunch options. We headed over for calzones. It was just the 5 of us today. Stacia ended up sitting with the sun in her face. She amused us by discovering all the floaties in the air around us. She was truly disgusted to think that it's always there, but unseen.  That'll preach. 

We had timed things to be able to pick up a grocery order for BreZaak and drop it off before drove back out to our place. Unfortunately, Freddies was running way behind. Everyone went home. I decided I'd take the hour to do some Christmas stocking shopping for the girls.  The order was delayed another hour. I ended up not getting home until after 4:30 p.m. I did get most everything I wanted for the girl's Christmas Stockings. We don't do our household exchange until January 6th, and our family gift exchange is on the focus is simply on filling those stockings, prepping for our Christmas Adam Tea, and a rousing Jesus Birthday Party. 

Please do pray for BreZaak's family. As of yesterday, Bre is the only one left standing. Even little Trudy has the flu. Izaak is on the mend so the upward journey to health has begun. Little Trudy is a month old, there is nothing sadder than a sick baby. 

Look at the fun going on in Eagle River today. I LOVE that Noah is expected in January - just what one needs to break up winter blahs around here. It's getting REAL when the furniture gets set up. It's a darling room - I love the comforter.  Thanks to Larissa for sending the photos. 

📷by Larissa

📷by Larissa

See the glider? I was moved to tears when I considered all the hours of cuddling and bonding which will happen in that sweet spot.  The baby years are HARD, but those years are amazing as well. We're all excited for our little miracle, Noah's, arrival. 

📷by Larissa

You know...the fact that Christmas is a week away has jumped out at me. I spent a week with BreZaak's family after Trudy arrived, everyone was sick for a week, and I lost another week and a half due to the snowstorm. This IS one way to make winter go by fast! 

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