Monday, December 19, 2022

First, Dig out the Car...

 A day of calm before the crazy pace takes over. I had hoped to get a couple of things done today, but in the end, Stacia left with Michael and Allie and by the time they returned the day was gone and it was dinner time. Ah well. 

Michael and Allie had an appointment this morning at DMV. Since everyone was sick immediately after buying Allie's new car, the title hadn't been changed over. And would you believe you cannot get a vanity license plate in Alaska anymore? They discontinued it during COVID.  ANYWAY - before the DMV Allie had a task...dig the car out and start it up to make sure the battery etc was fine. 

She got it dug out. It started right up. It was stuck and Stacia and Alex helped push it out of the deep snow. Stacia went along to get more winter driving practice. Allie picked up a co-worker and headed to work. Stacia drove Michael to Wasilla, and all around our town. He said she did great with both the highway driving and the winter driving. She's got a driving test coming up and we were sorry all this snow got dumped right before her big day. LOL  She's asked us if we think she should wait for spring to learn to drive her manual car...not sure. 

They were gone ALL afternoon.  I could have done the projects alone, but I wanted to do them with the girls...or at least one of the girls.  There are still days left....right? I finished a book I need to return to the library tomorrow. LOL 

We had a lazy night here at home. There were only 5 of us for dinner.  GG went to bed fairly early. We sat in a quiet living room where Michael and I read beside the light of the Christmas tree and Stacia worked on a gift for the upcoming youth Christmas party. 

Stacia has hatched a plan to double up school after her Christmas break and finish her senior year a few months early. I think she's ready to really hit the college classes. LOL 

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