Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Even the Moose Come to Celebrate (3rd Day of Christmas)


On the second day of Christmas Stacia continued to feverishly work on a gift she wants to have ready by the 31st and our family gift exchange. 

And the moose came to celebrate Christmas.  

On the third day of Christmas, we did a lot of waiting.  We had HOPED I would be going to watch kiddos while Bre took Jojo to Anchorage to be seen, but the center was running very, very slow. You think a referral for a 2 yo from an ER would make things MOVE. LOL Jojo is doing well. He's a trooper. 

Michael and Allie took her car to the tire shop. 

Michael and Stacia were able to get that gift Stacia has been working on ordered. They say she can pick it up on the 31st. We'll see. 

And the moose came to celebrate Christmas again - a different moose. 


As we ate dinner, I contemplated...it's worth the effort to seek Jesus, to worship him. 

We've entered the slow, magical, Twelve Days of Christmas. 

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