Thursday, January 12, 2023

Olivia is with Us

We have Livie for the next bit as Josiah and Carrie visit Hawaii for a belated honeymoon. 

She brought school with her and before the day was over Stacia, Allie, and Michael had all pitched in to help. Michael was called in for math assistance. 

Stacia and Liv finished school around the same time.  Both seemed happy to have a partner for snow play. I'm not sure why Liv looks like a prisoner in this photo, she was excited to get outside. It seems our snow is far too dry to build a snowman...I suggested mixing it with water, but they didn't take me up on the plan. 

Allie joined Liv for hot chocolate and snacks when they came inside. They spent a fun afternoon hanging out.

Meanwhile, Stacia tried to nap. I assembled a big salad and stuffed some bell peppers with meat and cheese. Michael got home from his appointment, and we headed over to Life Group. It felt like we haven't seen each other for quite a while - I guess it was just the holiday break - in any event it was fun to catch up. 

Liv had a hard time falling asleep and came back up for cuddles. We made plans for the upcoming days, talked about our favorite Bible verses, and then called Michael in to find out his favorite verse. This led to Livie asking Michael, "Why can we trust the Bibe?"  She picked the perfect person to ask. 

We filled many minutes as Michael answered that question from history, from lit, from archaeology. LOL About this time I realized, CyRi should be landing in Hawaii. We had all thought Liv would be asleep by the time they landed. Since we were awake, we texted. Carrie face timed back on Liv's i pad.  That's all Olivia needed to drift off to sleep. 

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