Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Greenhouse Adventure

I ran out of the house this morning without my phone!  Arielle said, "That's right, we don't have a land line," when I asked her to text Stacia and let her know I didn't have my phone. If they needed to reach me they would have had to call Bre next door. 

This led to a fun conversation with Benny about what a land line was and what it was like in the "old days" before we all had cell phones in our pockets instead of on our walls. LOL  

I was enjoying NOT having the distraction of texts etc...until I realized there would be NO PICTURES of the boys today. ::snort:: SO... imagine two darling two-year-olds in their "Hang Loose" Hawaii shirts from Papa and Bachan's trip...along with new water shoes. Imagine the two years olds and Benny and Bachan all doing a workout with YouTube kids...and playing hide and seek and hot lava. 

I don't know that I've mentioned on the blog part of the roof of our library collapsed last Wednesday. No one was hurt. The roof landed on the top of bookshelves - which kept everyone safe.  We spent a bit of time talking about how the boys couldn't go to story hour today and I couldn't go get new books - which is our Tuesday thing. We're all looking for ways to help with a community effort to get our library back!!!

I came home and looked for a new adventure. I decided it was time to check out the greenhouse.

This sounds simple. However....the snow has fallen off the back of the house...look how high it is...I think the chickens could walk out of the chicken yard. 

Michael had shoveled a path to the greenhouse on New Years Eve. I hadn't realized how much new school we've had since then. LOL 

I made it out to the greenhouse, cleared the door and entered my happy place. I quickly decided I needed to get my chair back inside the greenhouse. 

Y'all it was 40 DEGREES inside. Still far too cold to start seeds but a full 20 degrees warmer than it is outside. 

It will be a solid month or two before I can have plants in the greenhouse, WHY was I desperate to get out to the greenhouse now? 

Because I'd left my garden notebook in the greenhouse at the end of the planting season...and I NEED to know WHEN to begin planting seeds. They'll begin inside. My seed planting guide is in the notebook. We're getting "close."  It's obvious trying to grow things in here in the winter didn't pan out well. 
Dead Lettuce

I decided to go ahead and shovel a nice path to the greenhouse as I'm quite sure I'll come out and just enjoy the warmer weather now that I know I can.  Alas, the door would not budge!  I tried everything. It was no use. I was locked in the greenhouse. I was glad I had my phone! ::snort:: 

I called Michael and he came to my rescue. He's such a champ. He wasn't upset when I he got the call and was pulled away from his project. "I'm used to life with you," he said with a chuckle. 

The latch is broken and will need to be replaced. He told me not to shovel a path. He'll get it with the snowblower.  Yay! 
Look how deep my footprints are

I had extra eggs this week. I thought about taking them to the local market. I may still do that tomorrow.  It's been a bit of time since we had enough eggs to make a TON of snacky eggs...I boiled 2 dozen (the 18 I boiled yesterday are already gone LOL), made 2 dozen deviled eggs, and used another dozen to make two quiches for dinner. LOL 

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