Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tuesday Thoughts

 "You seemed a bit down last night and not yourself" a friend texted today. Wasn't it sweet of her to check in? She was right. I had dinner with delightful people, and I was aware I was quiet, and watchful, which is evidently not how I typically present in a group. ::wink:: I didn't sleep much last night, and I finally realize what is going on. As a missionary kid and in the Air Force I KNEW moves were coming. Nothing stayed the same. Transitions happened quite often in our congregations and among ministry staff.  When I give my heart away - it's given.  In my idealized life of "normal" people, civilian people - people stayed put for generations. I didn't realize how hard it would hit to have Shannon and Lindsey leave. Even if they moved on, I expected they'd still be in ALASKA.  This is SILLY. Many have known them twice as long (or longer) than I have. However, I am finding myself introspective and sad as the time approaches for them to not only leave the church, but the state. I'm excited for them. I'm also selfish and would like to have them close by. I am so proud of them, yet I am grieving. Many things can be true at the same time. I've been so busy the last couple of months I haven't had time to process - and the processing has begun. I've been in this space many times. 

I finally fell asleep at 4:45 a.m. and my phone rang at 0600...Yep...the web hosting company for the church calling me at the start of their business day. ::snort:: All the companies agree there is nothing more I can do but wait for the mainframe to transfer and so we wait....but I digress. 

I realized very early in the morning hours this would be a day for a BIG cup of caffeine.  I had the strongest tea I could get my hands on. LOL  I headed to CoRielle's to play with the boys. Today is TUESDAY. I do love our Tuesday morning workouts. We kicked mosquitoes, smashed cockroaches, did some odd "star thing" to chase aliens....and we ran, ran, ran, ran....kept our heart rate up. 

Arielle came home a bit early, so I ran to the library, turned in a couple of books and checked out a couple more. I so love having a library in town - even though its temporary. 

Next up was 4 hours of volunteer work at Wholesome food co-op.  I couldn't tell you exactly what happened - but it started with the first shift and continued into my shift - things were just a bit "off" and chaotic. We DID get the job done and in good time too. We even laughed and chatted while we worked.  Of course, the only photos I have are of spoiled produce - and that isn't worth sharing. LOL  Then again - into every life a bit of spoiled produce does come.  If it's organic, its susceptible to spoilage. Right? Maybe that'll preach. 

By way of a reminder - don't buy the cheap strawberries from OGC.

I struggled to keep my eyes open as I drove the 30 minutes home. 

Stacia made dinner and we ate after we got the produce stowed away. She has gone out to deliver eggs and such to her sisters and then to watch an episode of some series at Alex and Nolan's. I think it's Sci Fi. Michael is going out to loan his truck and to help move Shannon and Lindsey's table to Daniel and Joelle's...and he took Dad with him. 

I'm in my pjs and plan to sit with a book until I fall asleep.  I am the only one home. 

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