Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Was THAT Our Summer of 2023?

Stacia has had a busy couple of days.  Monday, she met up with Arielle & the boys, and JaRissa and Noah.  It was our 2nd day of summer. Its pouring and overcast again today. It may have BEEN our Summer of 2023. LOL  Stacia finished the college class she was working on, and we suggested she take the rest of this month and July off. I'm glad she was able to go out and have some fun while it was sunny - rather than driving herself to stay inside working on a credit. 

Benny, Little Buddy, Arielle, Danny
Jared, Larissa and Noah 
📷by Stacia

This morning she took my Tuesday morning shift with the boys at CoRielle's. Michael and I have been fighting off colds. We are tired. We are resting as much as possible. I have a big weekend involving flight planned and I want to feel better before Friday. We have been taking it easy - doing the minimal. 

Michael evicted bees which chose to make little hives at all our entrances. 

This morning we met up for coffee with a new friend. We were THANKFUL for how the girls stepped in to make this work. Arielle was flexible with the care of the boys (Stacia is on the OCS approved sitter list for Little Buddy). I got Dad up an hour early - and got his breakfast and shower done, Stacia came up and stayed with him until it was time for her to go watch the boys, and then Allie got up (after working a closing shift) and stayed with GG when Stacia left. This allowed Michael and I to do something we've not done in 4 years - go out for coffee in the morning!  I dreamed of us doing this a log when he retired. LOL 

All that made everyone tired and the whole house took a nap this rainy afternoon.  It sounds like Allie may have caught my cold. I don't usually share so freely - but they're falling like Dominoes around here. 

Before my nap, I hopped into town for a bit of indulgence. I plan to travel to a place where I may need open-toed shoes. I was long overdue for a pedi....the sweet tech laughingly reminded me not to wait so long again.

If you've read this far you deserve a dose of cuteness! Here it is - today's cuteness overload. Bre's younger daughters - Annie and Trudy...wonder women indeed! 
📷by BreAnne

Update: When Michael takes it easy, he replaces the starter in Stacia's car. She is excited to renew her clutch/hill adventures. 

When I take it easy I play in the kitchen. Benny raved about a dinner Arielle had made a couple of weeks ago. I asked her what she'd made, and it was chicken, spinach and ranch in puff pastry. Hmm....to that I added onions, garlic, Italian herbs and mozzarella cheese. Next time - BACON. They were a hit too. Michael asked what they were called, and I said, "Benny's Favorite." 

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