Tuesday, July 04, 2023

4th of July 2023

 Our monthly family celebration occurs at dip netting in July...but everyone has had such lovely long weekend... many ended up congregating out here on the 4th! We are always happy to have Gherkins come home.  Bre and Larissa have been under the weather, so their families didn't make it.  We gave Krista and Luke a pass - with all the traveling she's been doing they simply need to relax - together. LOL 

The rest of us had the traditional 4th of July pizza...and I forgot to pull out the watermelon and deviled eggs. Ah well.... we were together. We played, we visited, we laughed and maybe there were a few tears. 

LOVE this photo of Danny (2) and Cory 

Watch out for brothers in a car! 

Krista felt Allie needed a Japanese doll (the other girls all have one) and so she brought one back for her from Tokyo. 

Jamin brought yard Jenga. It was GREAT fun and will be added to our yard collection - probably before dip netting. We think we'll simply have Michael cut them out and we'll skip the colors as they are already chipping. 


Go Livie! 

Liv and Nolan 

Which next?

Not sure who toppled them -  I took the photo so it wasn't me. LOL 


Check out Arielle watching from the trampoline. I think she was more nervous than Benny. 

This may have been about the time I got bonked in the head by a tower of Jenga blocks. BUT I got the photo! 

Stacia and Livie went for a walk and found wildflowers for our table. They fit well with the red, white and blue theme of July 4th. 

Uncle Cy stays close while Little Buddy drives. We can all understand Danny and Little Buddy's hilarious interactions now that they are using English words.  Little Buddy isn't always able to get the car to turn 100% of the time...so he'll use voice commands....which Danny is pretty sure isn't the way things are done.

Danny, riding in the bike trailer earlier in the day exhibited his knowledge of prayer. Eyes closed, hands clasped, "No die. Please, no die."  I absolutely LOVE the 2 and 3 yo stage! And 4...

It was a fun afternoon. We spent some time figuring out Dip netting...who is going, who will cook a meal, how many vehicles we'll need and such.  This year we'll have a parking permit and won't have to deal with the city craziness.....we hope. We don't want our limits this year...but everyone wants some...and more than anything we enjoy being together. 

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