Friday, July 14, 2023

Ever Get a Song Stuck in Your Head? A.B.C.

 ...Easy as 1.2.3. 

I was sitting at the counter working on my laptop to get details of what things ABC (Alaska Bible College) will be requiring of Stacia as she completes the application process.  Allie was next to me typing away. One comment led to another. I asked what she was doing, and she told me she was cancelling classes at Liberty. 

Oh, oh, thinks me. 

"What's up?"
I do believe she enjoyed surprising us. 

Allie has decided to enroll in Alaska Bible College. This is a great plan for her. We are excited to see the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. 

Many of you remember Allie originally planned a career as an ASL Interpreter. Rather early in the year her plans changed. She began an AA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Liberty Online while she continued to pray, research and wrestle her way through to a new course of action.  We encouraged her to take a variety of classes and explore what may interest her and "spark joy".  Besides her Gen Ed classes she had classes in film writing, apologetics, counseling and theology. Allie loved her classes and thrived in the online setting.  She wanted to FINISH the AA degree. However, transferring into a Bachelor of Arts degree is not in any way quitting and will make sure she gets the course of study that will get her where she wants to be. This is a great step towards her future. Transferring to a Bachelor of Arts program is her way of saying, "Yeah, I am going to go for it. I could do a Masters."  She could have done it all online - but is aware of the benefits of a brick-and-mortar experience as well. I think the aspect of being mentored by professors who know and invest in you, tipped the scale for both the girls. 

Allie doesn't make sudden decisions. She was a bit surprised to have made this decision over night.  I reminded her she's been attending chapels at ABC for four months and wrestling with the AA/Bachelor thing for longer than that. She's certainly not "rushing" into anything. She has filled out the initial application to Alaska Bible College. 

A.B.C. Easy as 1. 2. 3. ....

1.2.3.....Stacia asks,  "Who's next?"

Well, there IS that spouse's VA benefit...but ABC doesn't have what I really want...and I don't want to take a Masters. LOL 

1.2.3. it won't be ME. 

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