Saturday, August 19, 2023

August Family Celebration

 The day began on a rather sad and somber note. Michael attended the memorial service for Pastor John, the pastor where Cory and Arielle attend and serve. She dropped the boys off here while they were busy at the service. I want a legacy like Pastor John's. Our lives only intersected his briefly - but he was a wise man who spent time investing in others, even in those who he only briefly knew.  We had him in our home a few hours, Michael spent a couple of hours in his office, we conducted a parenting workshop at his church...Michael said a common thread from those who spoke is that Pastor John was a friend, a man who cared. We have seen him as one with a heart to invest in the next generation of leaders.  What a blessing he has been in Cory and Arielle's lives.  While they remembered John....we played with the boys. JaRissa and Noah arrived shortly after the boys did. They loved playing with Jared on the trampoline. 

Uncle Jared, Charles and Benny

These two cracked me up! The battery was running down (and did die before the day was over). They were sure they could make it work. They took turns pushing...their chatter delights me. 

I am so glad this month's family celebration fell so quickly on the heels of Stacia's birthday and Allie and Stacia starting college. It was good to be with the adult Gherkins who made it out yesterday. Luke and Krista were able to make it - Krista flies out again tomorrow morning. Izaak was here, he is coming up from classes and fishing to breathe. Jared and Larissa flew home from Juneau Friday evening - Noah is a great little traveler.  CoRielle and boys were here. CyRi and Livie were here. 

Today we celebrated Stacia turning 18, and two anniversaries: Luke and Krista's and Josiah and Carrie's.  We had a taco feed, apple pie/cobbler, ice cream and cheesecake. This may be the last month we are able to enjoy the outdoors during our celebration. Fall is in the air - but SHHHHHH you didn't hear that from ME. 

I take random photos here and there when we are together - but I miss so many people. Not one photo of Michael, Carrie, Izaak, Bre....but here are some I caught, or the kids caught and sent me. 

Benny shares a secret with GG

Why, yes, candles work well in pie.

BreZaak and kids got Stacia all sorts of study helps...
📷by Jamin 

I haven't a clue! 
📷by Jamin 

CoRielle picked up a fun wall clock.
📷by Jamin 

KrUke brought the go cart and 4 wheeler. They were a hit! 
Allie and me

Benny & Cory

Liv and Cy 📷by Josiah

Stacia and Allie 

Livie and Benny

Uncle Cory with all the kids

Noah and Larissa


Still trying....

Have you seen paint ball balloons? I'm not sure what their real name is, but Luke and Krista brought some. They warned parents to bring appropriate clothes for the big paint ball fight in the yard. Strangely, it was mostly the young crowd that participated. I expected everyone would jump in. Allie and Krista were in the middle of the fun. Near the end the fun was too much for Jamin to ignore, even though he hadn't brought old clothes. He jumped in and the kids chased him around and around the yard. I was in the middle taking pictures and everyone had clear instructions not to get me...alas, Krista's paintball exploded or some such thing.  This was great fun....lots of laughing, screaming and crying. Bella and Benny collided HARD.... They knew not to aim at faces...but to make them explode you squeeze the pellets, and the paint goes wherever it decides to go. 
Instructions and practice

Jamin in the back there

Benny, Gideon and Bella 

Benny and Bella

Benny may have been a bit faster and more determined than Uncle Jamin counted on. He did not give up until he had splattered Jamin. 
Go Benny. 

Get em! 

Krista had one more treat from her time in the Tokyo airport. We love the variety of kit kat flavors one can buy in Japan. My favorite today was lemon. 

When we moved the study around and created a spare 'oom, we decided we wanted to move the roll top desk downstairs. This was a tough decision as I use it and it's convenient in the nook. I've said before, I felt God impressed on me to "build a sanctuary" in the nook. Several thought it would help to get the desk down to the study. This has been a whole process of realizing we actually CAN use all of the house however we want now... Michael and I could not get the thing down the stairs....and so we fattened them up and then asked if there were some men at the celebration who could help move the desk. I had already carried all the drawers down. 

 Help? Nah - they just DID it.  Cory and Jamin had quite a following as they moved the desk. 


They got it down the stairs and set in the study.  Moving all the furniture around from time to time is good for cleaning purposes. Look what I found stuck on the wall.  I knew that thing couldn't have burned so quickly. 

Shortly after this everyone began to go home. Maybe they were concerned what other projects I had lurking in the background. ::snort:: 

Stacia and I went to the church. Jenni is off having fun and while we don't begrudge her fun, we miss her. Stacia is filling in for her in Children's church tomorrow.  She needed to set up props and games etc. I needed to set up the coffee corner. 

When we returned home Michael had GG in bed. Stacia was checking out gift cards. Allie and I rearranged the nook....and then wonder of wonders...with more seating and space...everyone joined us in the nook for a late-night discussion of the week, the upcoming week and the day. 

It was a good day in our home. 

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