Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Nook Reimagined

 Another rearranging of the nook?!*!*!? 

Yeah. I know. 

When we moved in, we didn't have space for furniture and lots of it ended up in this space we were trying to carve out to be a sanctuary.  It looked great at first, but the furniture was terribly uncomfortable.  Over time the space filled with STUFF.  We cleared it out....and 2 years ago rearranged it...and it worked for a bit of time quite nicely. It was crowded - but I was able to invite women over for tea in the nook...

As we began moving things around downstairs the idea of moving the roll top desk DOWN again was brought to mind. I resisted. I like having everything up here and not having to run down to do business...but then again, I keep getting distracted when I try to work in the nook. Dad ISN'T in the same state he was in 2 years ago. I don't have to be in the same room with him all the time. The nook DID feel crowded. We had added mom's recliner to the room. We didn't have a real desk in the new study. Jamin and Cory moved the desk downstairs again last night. 

Now there's space. We have 3 chairs in here permanently and can easily pull more chairs in if needed. I want to paint the tea hutch and I'd like to find matching cushions for both rockers, matching covers for the tables - or refinish them....but this is the best arrangement we've had so far. It's functional and I'm allergic to clutter. I need to unclutter more...but it is MUCH better.  I needed a place to set my open day timer, I did NOT want it downstairs on the desk. This works. That is the rose from MOTHER'S DAY. It's growing roots...along with the new shoots - that.will.preach! 

Some asked for a photo of the sunflower painting I was blessed to buy for $50 a few weeks back. Here it is. I moved some of the antique photos that were here down to Spare Oom and I was able to move it up. 

I think I may want to paint the "tea hutch"  a baby blue or pale lemon yellow or something. 

Here it is. Two rockers and mom's recliner.  One rocking chair is Michael's Granma Anne's. The tables are Mom G's and are dropleaf. They open to make nice spots for teacups and treats. The lace is my Grams' and Mom's.  The tea hutch was from Mom G. 

It's much more comfortable...I've had several conversations in here already. It is much more inviting without the desk, tubs of Dad's files, and buckets of food. I do still have a tower of egg cartons I should put somewhere else. I must think about this. 

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