Monday, October 23, 2023

The Day When Life Unexpectedly Changed

A happier post....Monday started with Michael knocking out the elusive paperwork, Allie feeling sick and Stacia hitting the trailhead. She parked herself at the trailhead near us with hot chocolate, a sign and some cards that said, "I was broken" and a photo of shipwreck beach, Japan on one side...and the words "I am redeemed" on the other side. 

I am so proud of her!  What a fun idea. I finished on the treadmill and was motivated to walk to the trailhead and see her.  I won't fib, getting a cup of hot chocolate on a frosty cold walk was very nice. 

She talked to seven people...and I found it fun as I walked home when a regular gentlemen walker around here said good morning and told me there was a gal up the road with hot chocolate. Stacia told me he'd snuck off the trail to avoid her...but planting seeds of hospitality and love in the neighborhood. 

She came home and we discussed with Michael. 

Michael's phone rang. He listened a few seconds, handed me the phone and fell to the ground.

It was Carrie. "Josiah's been shot..." and one thinks SHEW Carrie and baby are fine. The next words one expects is he's in surgery, please come. 

But the next words changed our world...

"...and he's dead." 

10-23-23...a date I will remember as well as 2-9-89...which my kids will tease I am FOREVER mixing up their birthdates and asking, "WHAT year were you born?" 

We covet your prayers. 

It started out happier. I am not stopping until I make a happier post. 


Anonymous said...

Jim and I pray for you De'Etta and Mike and the whole family especially your son's wife and daughter.

Anonymous said...

I am earnestly praying for your entire family and Josiah wife and baby & oldest daughter. I can’t imagine the grief. May our Lord engulf his peace and love as your family walks through this season. May God plant people to pray and hold you through this time and bring the answers that you need. Ginger is a dear friend of mine and through our prayer chain is how I found out. Praying for your heart and your loss.

Shelley Lee in MA said...

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. No good words for sure. So sad for you all.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for your entire family since I read your posts yesterday, and I will bring your family to my prayer group this evening. My heart is drawn to special prayers for Livie and she will be kept covered in prayer, as will you all. May God grant you consolation, and may you feel His loving presence as you grieve the loss of Josiah. I can’t help but think of the name of your blog, and how that same courageous joy will continue to be a testimony of your lives as you remember your son. God Bless you!