Thursday, November 16, 2023

Another Day

Yes, I have thoughts this evening but none I wish to share. I reread my journal and decided, yes, I don't wish to share. ::snort::  

I need daily grace - I find it sitting quietly with the word, a journal, a few word study resources and an open heart. I continue to work through how to pray for grace for a man and his mother who by all counts don't want grace or love from ME... at the same time I CRAVE justice. All I know is to do both. I pray for grace and justice. 

I began brainstorming a t-shirt I may have made.  I want to clearly keep Josiah and justice at the forefront of those court appearances, not posturing by any parties. A nice t-shirt under a flannel shirt may be a great uniform for court. We shall see. 

I have been thinking of getting a Keurig coffee maker, though Dad is the only coffee drinker in the house, and he is fine with instant. We've had so many in and out of the house in the past few weeks and I know many of them like coffee over tea....This one will be on the Black Friday sale at Walmart, but the local Walmart had them out early and the sign posted $35. They had one in this color. I tried it with loose leaf tea and it sorta kinda worked... My MAG gals will be surprised to hear the Keurig is WAY hotter than my Electric Tea Pot (seen behind the Keurig). 

Speaking of MAG gals...Melany and Lorelai came over today. I saw through her ploy to pick up her pot.  She wanted to lay eyes on me...and it was good. She sat with me...we chatted. I had trouble focusing, but it was good to be with her...and she knew I may not have the energy to meet her at a spot in town. She assured me friendships will endure; it just may take a bit more effort than previously. 

I DID run to the store to buy ingredients to make an ice cream cake. Michael has a birthday tomorrow. 

I'm weary.  

This pain doesn't go away. 

It hangs on. 

I will learn to live with it. 


1. Tea and scones (made by Stacy) with Melanie at our home. 

2. A Bible study that challenges. 

3. Grace for another day. 

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